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  1. Hello, Thanks for the idea, unfortunately didn't work out. At this point, all the drivers and steps are made (with the exception I have to boot through the "apple_set_os.efi" and then windows, instead of directly to Windows when I want to use the eGPU). All seems to be fine. The GTX970 recognises my Samsung TV through the NVIDIA drivers, I can change resolutions etc... But the TV only shows "no signal". When turned on, shows the desktop of windows for a fraction of a second and goes to "no signal". The TV works just fine as a second screen when I use it under OSX or Windows with the R9. After some online inspection, it seems this problem is quite common in 4K HDTV but mine is just 1080p. I have no idea what is going on. I will give it some more tries on the following days and if not, I guess I will just have to sell all my eGPU setup EDIT: I completely forgot to inform how I fixed it, in case someone else might need to know it. Connecting the GTX via DVI with HDMI adaptor to the TV did the trick. It seems to be a problem with the TV itself, since I tested it with other TVs via HDMI and all worked just fine. Now I am a happy owner of this setup, moreover after all I went through for making it work!
  2. Thanks for your reply! So, after running the script, I managed to see my iGPU and Booting in Windows 10 worked. Installed NVIDIA Graphics and seems I was finally getting over with it. But, of course, not quite yet. I did disable the R9 and it was fine. Nevertheless, the guide states that after installing NVIDIA drivers, you should reboot and go straight to windows (not "apple_set_os.efi"). I did that, but windows doesn't boot up, just restarts. I necessarily have to go through "apple_set_os.efi", plug the eGPU and then go to windows 10. This wouldn't be much of a trouble, except that when I connect a HDMI cable to the eGPU, my TV says there is no signal on that HDMI. I suspect it could be related to the fact I am not booting up directly to windows and passing by "apple_set_os.efi". Or is it that I have to activate a preference under NVIDIA panel so the HDMI does work? Thanks. Can't wait to get done with this.
  3. Hello everyone, Just an update on this in case someone else might be in the future facing the same situation I am into: installing refind manually in OSX did the trick, now the refind boot screen shows up at start as it should. Nevertheless, my problems aren't yet gone. When I copy the file "apple_set_os.efi" to the EFI custom folder, it does show up on the boot screen at it should. Click on it, screen flashes and comes back to boot screen as it should do, but when I click to boot into Windows in order to check if my Intel iGPU is there, Windows fails upon start (initially, it loads, then blue screen and reboots itself). When I access to it directly before clicking the "apple_set_os.efi", it loads normally, but no Intel iGPU is visible, of course. I don't know if anyone could have an idea of why this happens, if so, I would be delighted to give it a try. I am running out of ideas. Thanks! EDIT: giving a try to run the github script on windows!
  4. Hey, After the third reinstall, it worked, somehow. Thanks for your help! EDIT: After re-enabiling SIP, the Refind boot screen doesn't show up anymore. And I don't manage to get it up again I will keep on trying EDIT 2: After many trials, the Refind Boot screen seems to show up at times. I will explain: - I go into recovery mode and disable SIP - Reboot - OSX and run Refind script-installer - Reboot --> Alt pressed and it doesn't work (usual boot screen shows up) - I go into recovery mode and enable SIP - Reboot - I go into recovery mode and disable SIP - Reboot --> Alt pressed and Refind boot screen shows up. 3 Options, OSX, Windows EFI and Windows. Try to log in via "Windows" as the guide says, but this message shows up: "Starting Legacy loader Using load options "HD" Error: Not found while loading legacy loader Please make sure that you have the latest firmware update installed Hit any key to continue" - Press any key and come back to Refind Boot Screen. I select Windows EFI and it kicks in - I do the step of copying the "apple_set_os.efi" file - Reboot --> Alt pressed and it doesn't work (usual boot screen shows up) Can anyone make sense of this and give me a hand?
  5. Hey, thanks a lot for your answer. I just followed the steps but it is still not working. The boot screen is the same as before. The terminal on OSX after running the script looks very similar to how it should be (in comparison to Refind website) but with one exception, there is a line that states: "Warning: root device could not be found" Oh dear....
  6. Thanks! I will do so. But a couple of questions from a Newbie like me. 1) Do I have to uninstall rEFInd in Windows? And change something via command Promp so no conflicts happen? 2) What do you mean by SIP? Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone! I am currently working on the setup, but I am experiencing problems with the rEFInd installation in Windows 10 under bootcamp on my MBP. I do follow all the steps and everything seems to be right. Problems occur when after following the manual installation process on Windows in the rEFInd website, I don't see any changes on the boot screen, just the usual Windows/OSX choices. Nevertheless, when I follow this steps: I can see the rEFInd directory on the command promp! Also when I copy "apple_set_os" file and repeat "cd edi"; "dir", I can see the "custom" folder inside the directory. Yet, there are no changes on my bootscreen! Anyone can give me an idea of what am I doing wrong? Thanks a lot!
  8. Hello @NaxHz and thanks for replying! Well, I have pretty clear I will use a setup closer to Gatsby's, with the Dell power brick and the Akitio Case! Also, I will most likely buy a GTX970 that fits into the case itself. For me, what scares me the most is the all the software adjustments and modifications to be done after the hardware part is in check. You just followed the Gatsby's guide, right? I assume, doing the same, I should be successful I also have, just like you, a Windows 10 and monitor (well, TV) ready to plug! So I guess I won't have to disable the R9 M370X either. I hope it all goes fine. If not, I will be back on this thread posting Thanks again!
  9. @Dschijn Sure! May you please PM me with the specifics? Thanks a lot!
  10. Hello there! @NaxHz I tried to PM you but you couldn't receive any PM, so I drop it here in hope you may read this. I do as well live in Germany (but not German )and I have been reading a lot about doing the exact same you have done (I have the same Macbook Pro), for exactly the same purposes (1080p Ultra gaming!) and I wanted to know if you could spare some comments about your success on doing all the complex eGPU thing. I am not an expert on these matters but I would really like to give it a try given the macbook pro is a beast but the GPU is not at the same level than the rest of the hardware. I have some questions if you wouldn't mind to answer them, besides your overall experience in building up: - Where did you recommend to buy the "Akitio thunder 2" in Germany? In Amazon.de has quite a price and it is not easy to find it around in other sources... - How about the power cable? Do you use the Dell model? - Due to the main thread I read (below), I thought the only way to make the GPU fit was to actually bend the Akitio. Did you find a way to get a good GPU performance which actually fits in the Akitio? Apologies if some things I said are quite basic, but I ain't no ace in this. Thanks a lot for your time and comments, I will be endlessly happy if you could drop some words on this. I am clueless for these stuff and I guess I am a bit scared to mess it up. Regards! NaxHz
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