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AW 17 R1 GTX 860M Thermal Pads

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860m got similar pads position as 680m, here you can check http://downloads.eurocom.com/support/drivers/zip/Alienware/6xxm/680M%20thermal%20pad%20placement.jpg

From my experience best option is to buy pads strips (softer are better) and prepare it by yourself.

First you should check if its necessary to replace pads :)

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The best ones are either Fujipoly Ultra Extreme and the Phobia Thermal pads, either one measure your current ones and order new pads with the same thickness or you will end up with a worse contact to the GPU die.

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The thing is that there was none thermal pads on the GPU. I bought it online and now I want to install it.

BTW: maklakiewicz: thanks a lot! 860M is the same, except mine has less vRam. Everything else is pretty much the same. I need to identify thickness now.

senso: thanks for the info! I want to note that this GPU will be used for occasional gaming, no OC. Would 3.2w/m-K thermal pad be good for that?

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As there were none installed, is there a gap between the RAM/MOSFETS/Inductores that can be filled by the thermal pads?

The thinnest ones are either 0.5 or 0.25mm(this size being more rare to find, but Halfmann as 0.25mm thermal pads in 80x80mm size), if you can attach a photo or two of the heatsink and of the GPU zone, so see how easy it might be to install the thermal pads.

3.2w/m-K is an average thermal conductivity, not the best, but much better than not having the pads in place.

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Yes, there is some gap, I would say 0.5 mm just like you said senso. However, according to the picture, I have to cover the top of the card which has a gap of 5 mm.

I believe my question has been answered fully. The picture helped a lot! Thanks everyone!

This thread can be marked as solved. Thanks.

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