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  1. @KlemThanks bro Now I could unlock the voltage when using Nvidia inspector. Thank you
  2. @KlemSure..Thanks <3 u are a Bios programmer right ?? I have seen you have done many Bios unlocking under your thread.)) So could you also help me with that ?
  3. @Klem Okay I’ll try it and confirm you bro, I’m using msi afterburner now but the voltage change bar is grayed out :-/ so is there anyway to unlock it. :-?
  4. I got a msi ge60 2pf Apache pro & its specs : Processor-i7 4710MQ Ram-16GB VGA- GTX 860M 2GB Maxwell Could anyone tell me the best overclock that I could use on this GPU? Please keep in mind that the voltage cannot be changed as this is a laptop Thank you
  5. Hi, My laptop is msi ge60 2pf Apache pro. *Specs: i7 4710MQ , GTX 860M 2gb (Maxwell), 16GB RAM Could anyone please tell me a good stable overclock for Performance improvement of gaming? (For my GPU ? - please keep in mind that it couldn’t go over +135mhz & also voltage cannot be changed its locked)
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