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  1. I need some help with a VBIOS mod for an AMD graphics card. Willing to donate, VBIOS is not encrypted or signed, and I have some resources available to what's in it - and clear cut knowledge of my requests. If anyone would be willing to help me out, I'd be very, very grateful.
  2. Hello there. I have a little mod request of my own that may or may not be an experience. Long story very short, I recently decided to go AMD in my laptop, and in doing so, I got myself a S7100X - because Polaris hasn't seemed to work for the device I wanted to use. I'm looking for a mod to the card's VBIOS, which is in fact not signature enforced, to unlock, and modify a few values I cannot touch. I do have a SPI Flasher, as well as hybrid graphics, so I have backup options in case anything odd happens. My Requests If possible, I would like for voltage, as well as TDP/clocks to be unlocked. In addition to this, since I cannot modify this value in afterburner, I would like for battery power, and small battery power to be reduced 50 from 75 watts. I will include two things in my post additionally. First, if it's helpful, TechPowerUp's parse on the VBIOS and relevant aspects: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/216440/216440 Second, the VBIOS as requested, which will be attached. I should note that Tonga/Hawaii Bios Reader does not function for this particular VBIOS and card. Likely because even though it's a sub branch of Tonga, it's more accurate that the architecture is Amethyst - which is the reason for my request. Thank you for reading! S7100X.ROM
  3. I posted a topic about this in the general forum, but I figure it might be better to post here for HP people. I'll summarize and link the original topic. Basically, I'm trying to get WX7100 working on HP Zbook G3. Problem is, Windows doesn't see the card, and I just get a black screen in dedicated mode. It detects all other AMD cards I've tried instantly, and apparently even detects Firepro S7100X, which is a server/data center card. Any ideas? I'd really like to get Polaris working. I have a hardware flasher, and the needed heatsinks, so can try several different things. Have already tried many VBIOS versions - so wondering if a mod is needed. - Original Topic. Can post in either if you know something. Thanks for the help!
  4. I can help, most likely. First and foremost if you double checked everything, and it looks like you did, it's likely that's not the problem. I notice you have OS build 1903. That build is known to be especially aggressive with installing drivers from default. See, they don't explain why in the installers, but one thing that most people don't know about, especially used in 1903 are the newer, DCH drivers. These DCH drivers are a different type, and once installed, you cannot go back to INF drivers manually. Here's what you want to do. Step 1: Use the Windows (7) Back Up Tool to back up your version of Windows. This is technically optional, but important just in case, especially if anything important is on there. Step 2: Download Device Driver Uninstaller, latest version. It NEEDS to be latest. Step 3: Use by rebooting into safe mode, remove Nvidia driver history from your system. Step 4: Boot up Windows, and IMMEDIATELY put wifi to airplane mode, then restart as usual to get to disable signature for modded installs. Step 5: Enter Windows, then again, MAKE SURE that airplane mode is enabled. This prevents it from installing ANOTHER DCH driver. Step 6: Install driver normally. I ran into this issue when building one of my newest devices. Give that a try. "Not compatible with your version of Windows" is the error when INF drivers are attempted to be installed over DCH drivers. Should fix it, if that's the issue. =)
  5. So...I have been working for several weeks on a very significant project. And unfortunately...haven't been having much luck. I decided that I wanted to go AMD on the Zbook 17, and most cards I've tried have worked fine. But...this most recent one...I haven't been able to. And I really...really would like it, if it could work somehow.To be specific, the laptop in question is a Zbook 17 G3, and the card I'm trying to get to work is a 4GB RX 480/Radeon Pro WX 7100. The problem I have is, simply, the laptop refuses to recognize this card. In Windows, it doesn't see it. When the BIOS is switched to dedicated graphics mode, there's no output at all.It's exactly the same in a Zbook 17 G1. I've been trying to fix an MSI GT60 to get a different brand to try it with, but unfortunately, that hasn't worked. Can anybody, perhaps, give me some advice or things to consider?I do have a SPI flasher and have tried several different VBIOS to see if, perhaps, a VBIOS flash could take care of the issue.As such, I can try other VBIOS, or modded VBIOS, and I've studied Polaris so I know how to pass the signature checks. At this point, I'll try almost anything.If possible...could I get some assistance from people who are more knowledgeable? Or do I need to downgrade my goals to S7100X?
  6. Hello there. I see this thread has been bumped multiple times, so I would like if possible, I have a request. Would it be too much trouble to ask for help on unlocking my 970M 3GB bios? Here's an upload of mine, for my card. MXM model like the GT series, so figured it was best to ask in here. Thank you very much for the consideration! Zotac970M.ROM
  7. Alright. I do have the card though, just not the laptop to put it in yet. I know GTX 970M can do LVDS and supports both Legacy and UEFI so I shouldn't need anything special probably, but wanted to make sure. I have another MXM laptop though, so I can flash the card as needed before it's put in the Clevo. It's a Zbook 17, so it can boot pretty much whatever card. My goal was to find a 15.6" laptop that supported MXM B, UEFI, and Pascal+ that was cheap. And because 4th generation MSI GT60's are very very rare at this point, and 3rd generation ones used legacy only, P150EM seemed like a good choice - especially since Ivy Bridge semi-overclocked processors can be overclocked 400mhz. Though if anyone has a better suggestion for a device to go after, I'd love to hear it.
  8. Very interesting. Thanks for the information, I guess I should just try it then. Do I need a specific vbios, or is Optimus enough to negate that requirement?
  9. Hi, thanks for the reply. But ah no I uh, I mean big upgrades. Like GTX 970M, and 1XXX series, which I'm pretty sure is unsupported in locked/standard bios.
  10. I had a quick question for Baked and/or the other helpful people in here. By chance, is there any unlocked bios around that support MXM upgrades for the P150EM? I was looking into picking up the old goodie and doing some upgrading. Thanks!
  11. I am curious based on a project I'm working on and decided to ask around a bit. By any chance, is there any known editor of 8000 series AMD vbios, similar to VBE7 for 7000 series BIOS? Even if it's more difficult, I'd like to know if there's any way to just change some basic values and the like.
  12. I'll be making sure to give the GTX 860M version a try. I wonder just how powerful it is. Considering the original GPU was actually fairly powerful itself, I'm looking forward to good results. I'll make sure to report back with how it runs.
  13. I'm actually curious as well. May I ask where exactly you can find these types of pads? I looked online once and ordered some pads, but they weren't even remotely the right kind; I ended up with some similar to the ones you use for processors somehow...
  14. I use 90% IPA and it's never failed me. The truth is with a lower proof solution you just have to wait slightly longer. And considering how fast it vaporizes, this isn't really a big deal.
  15. It's actually insane how much positive a thermal paste replacement when done properly can do. CPU as well. I remember on my old laptop it took me from hitting temperature limits in Overwatch and being throttled to 20fps and being able to play the game 60fps on high settings. It's kind of a big, big deal.
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