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  1. Me too I tried stock (clevo), svl and prema and still i hope to find sth better.
  2. Hi, I install 980m in my m17x R4 (PEG, Windows 10) and there is throttling everytime when gpu is 100% load. Where I can find vbios which eliminate this problem?
  3. I agree Gelid Extreme is good paste. Different games work differently on specific driver. Most time I play Witcher 3 and after some research and tests I decide to 353.06 (W7) and 353.30 (W10). My 780m sometimes (during hot days) throttle with R3. I didnt find yet any stable solution so I can only drop OC to 850 from 980
  4. I use bios A12 unlocked, vbios 780m OC rev02 80.04.B3.00.10 I did few test and I noticed that only when I modified fan speed (hwinfo) there was no throttling, but later it causes driver crash. Anybody solved throttling somehow?
  5. Is there any solution for throttling 780m in R3 (at 78c)?
  6. 880m is well known as a hot card. You will achieve similar performance with less heat by installing 780m (in R3).
  7. I understand that first time: you downgrade fro A13 to A05 and mobo was dead and you replaced it? second time: you downgrade from A13 to A011, then to A11 unlocked, install 780m and its ok now? this time you use prrtool?
  8. I want to upgrade m17x R4 witch 780m (instead of 680m), it runs with BIOS A13 and Windows 8.1 Pro. Can anyone confirm safe method? I read about all those bricked aliens and I am little bit worrry?
  9. 860m got similar pads position as 680m, here you can check http://downloads.eurocom.com/support/drivers/zip/Alienware/6xxm/680M%20thermal%20pad%20placement.jpg From my experience best option is to buy pads strips (softer are better) and prepare it by yourself. First you should check if its necessary to replace pads
  10. Please specify your budget for laptop. I suggest you should check Del XPS 13 9343 2015. Its fast, powerful and light Price stars from 800$.
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