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  1. I hope asking this question isn't frowned upon, but I'd really like to remove the startup message I get when I use the 980m Slv7 vbios. I love what it does, but slowing down startup to show it every time I want to fire up my PC has resulted in me uninstalling it. I'm worried about just deleting stuff and creating problems. I didn't mind seeing the message that much at first, but I'd like to be able to skip it entirely if possible. If someone could show me what to delete, I'd be very thankful.
  2. The GPU shouldn't need a vBIOS flash to work, but doing so will allow you to tweak your settings more than without it. I recently upgraded my Alienware m15x to a 980m from Dell and it worked immediately. I could install drivers from Nvidia right away. You might find that you lack fan control, however. If that's the case, you can control the fans with a software such has Hwinfo. I use that myself.
  3. If you are new to taking your computer apart, it might be best to start with a non liquid metal thermal paste. While you have everything apart you might find some stuff stuck in your fans or heatsink that an air can maybe couldn't take care of. Liquid metal seems to be good as long as you don't get it on something you don't want it to and you take the necessary precautions. I have been using Gelid and have been pretty happy with it. I have some liquid metal on the way, though.
  4. I've read a lot of conflicting posts about thermal pads for the CPU and GPU on the Alienware m15x. There are a lot of pictures out there detailing all of the different sized thermal pads that you need. In my experience, 1.5mm pads are perfect for everything on the Dell 980m and the 920xm. I was using 0.5mm pads at the time that I replaced both, so having the exact sizes was important. I think that I might have actually fried my 5850m in part due to not having thick enough thermal pads. I discovered that they had had not been making contact with the heatsink at all. I tried following the guide on techinferno and noticed that my gpu was actually bending (a lot) and certain areas weren't even making contact at all. I tried different layering of thermal pads through trial and error, looking for imprints of vrms and such. 1.5mm on everything worked the best. Some people are putting thermal pads on things that the manufacturers don't even put them on. I can't say what thicknesses are needed for these, but it will be more than 1.5mm. Anyway, I hope that this helps someone. I was using Arctic brand 0.5 thermal pads and stacking them in my testing. I have 1.5mm pads on the way now.
  5. So far I have the lowest Firestrike score for a 980m I've ever seen at 6807 points. I get power throttling like crazy. I hope the new vbios helps when I can finally download it.
  6. I hit power limits even on stock clocks with my 980m Lots of people with M15X's are getting much better performance than I am. 6,807 Firestrike score. Core voltage will rarely go above .987 volts
  7. Hi. I'm an Alienware m15x owner. I've upgraded just about everything in it. I'm mostly here for the Slv7 Bios, but I'm sure I'll find some other useful information here.
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