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M17x r3 BIOS A07 released


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Hey guys, BIOS A07 for the r3 got just released.

Changes are "Support 3D function of N12E-GTX2 & N12E-GS", which means 3d support for the Nvidia GTX 580m and 560m.

The BIOS can be downloaded here, have fun flashing. Hope it improves the overall performance as well. Reports stated that A05 didn't perform very well.


Some more details about the update:

- eSATA3 enhancements for the Kingston SSD eXtreme edition

- timing adjustments for the ODDs (new manufacturer)

- lot of overdue bugfixes

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I don't have an r3, but as far as I've read it seems to have a better performance than A06 and A05 (which were never released, but were on some machines which got delivered during the past couple of weeks), but when you're using the 580m it apparently causes the GPU to throttle when you start overclocking...

If it doesn't perform up to your expectations you can still revert to an earlier version.

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Probably neither of those... apparently the 580m can be overclocked without throttling issues when you use the BIOS A04, only problem is that BIOS A04 doesn't inlcude 3d support for the 580m...

But that's only what I heard, I can't test it myself to confirm this.

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