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M17x r3 Mods/Fix/Random

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Hey guys, 


I have an Alienware m17x R3. i bought it as scrap. but currently working. i have this issues with this device. i hope you guys can help me out with this.




The device is charging when its turned off. and when its on (on) state, when i plug in the charger it turns off the light in the charger port.

solutions that i have tried: changed the charger and battery, flashed the bios.


change a capacitor near charging port. 


after all of the solutions i tried. i have found one thing to be suspicious about. The device charges normally even on (on) state and doesn't kill the light in the chargers port. if i dont install the driver of the GPU 680m Dell 2gb. 

can anyone help me with his matter? thank you

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With the BIOS a8 unlocked and installed gtx 880m / stock gtx 560m /, his laptop should start about a minute after pressing the start button and the picture is in four rows with low resolution.  Is it a defective video card or do you need a12 bios?

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