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OFFICIAL: M17x-R3 Benchmarking Thread

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Jesus inap another one? What's that 3-4 systems and multiple cards in a few months? LOL back at the burning cards/systems again I see ;):P Now I just need to find something wrong with my system to talk Dell into a 6990m and take my top spots back :P Nice runs man, keep it up.

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I think you can, using that baseclock of 105~ and those 865+/1250 clocks will get you there. like you guys have said its the voltage holding them back like you said StamatisX. 1.1 volt is not enough to run 900-1000 core that 1.5 volts can. It was more versatile on 5870m. DR650SE's runs on dice were amazing I think he got 1ghz core on a bench with dice.

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OK guys! there you go:

How to submit your scores

1. Make a post in this thread that will contain a screenshot, provide a link or your results if it is a 3DMark Vantage/11/06 run and post anything else you feel like mentioning for that particular run, i.e ambient temperatures, cooling method, etc...

2. Go to Forms and locate your laptop and then click on the benchmark you want to submit your results

3. Complete the form. The last question of the form will ask you to submit the link of either your post or the link of the screenshot you took (i.e [ URL]M17x-R2 benchmarking )

Note: You must type those tags (don't copy-paste them from this post, must be in capital letters, no spaces,) like the example above in order for the link to be clickable.

In case you want to edit or delete your submission or need assistance on how to submit your score check the guide here

************************************************** **************************************************

M17x-R3 League

3DMark Vantage

3DMark 11

3DMark 06

Note:First post has been updated as well (it will hold those links so you can check the ranking)

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. Stock cooling, no dice, no AC, no hardcore stuff. See for yourself. Absolutely amazing on a single card!

No hardcore stuff... lmao! :D I'd love to volt mod a 580m, those temps are really nice.

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Managed to get my CPu score up to 18647 up from 18399 without doing anything. BCLK was still at 106 and I practically turned of every process apart from my antivirus. Other than the PU increase, GPU score was around 18025 even though the clocks were a smidgen higher. I think my CPU is the bottle neck. I did a test and I allowed 8 pre-rendered frames by the CPU which meant that the GPU was always fed enough information if the CPU wasn't the bottleneck. Both GPU scores were the same despite different clocks so it is my guess that with a higher CPU, I may be able to get a better GPU score as well. Also for fun, I left my laptop off for a few hours and for the components to cool to room temperature, which was around 19C (yes I live in a cold place). Then as soon as my laptop booted, I whacked the fans on full to maintain a cold heatsink throughout. My max temp for my GPU was 63C!

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