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Unable to update the graphic driver of double 6970m in crossfire?


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My alienware m18x came with the latest graphic drivers provided by Dell, however, I have an issue with this driver version: stuttering when mouse goes on the upper right corner of a game I play often, 'heroes of newerth' - they say the solution is simple, update to either 10.1 or 11.6 driver version.

The problem is that my laptop won't accept any driver but the one provided by dell, I completely uninstalled the dell one and tried to install the one provided by amd, unsuccessfully, since it install but does not work.

Anybody have any idea?

Thank you.

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Try once again to completely remove the Dell drivers from your system (Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> ATI Catalyst Install Manager ->Express Uninstall All ATI Software) once you have them removed then run Driversweeper and Ccleaner into Safe Mode and once you are done then do one more pass after booting normally to Windows.

Do a reboot and hopefully you can install the latest mobility drivers from ATI

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same here StamatisX I use the same method. When driversweeper and cleaner in the registry section no longer show any files by Ati after subsequent restarts to be sure they are all cleaned out. It also helps to delete files manually like wherever files were extracted to from the Dell drivers. Disabling windows update check on new driver install it can help prevent the generic drivers from installing automatically. I even check the device manager to be sure the display driver states generic VGA driver...

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sorry to revive this thread but i have a similar problem, every time i ran the catalyst manager it keeps saying update is available but for some reason it wouldn't display the correct version, so i decided to unistalll, now that in re install the catalyst manager is missing all together. How do I re intall the full thing and update to 11.6, any help will be greatly appreciated,

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uninstall everything ATI related

use driversweeper I just read your repost in your help thread.

use ccleaner to clean old registry files related to ATI before reinstalling

11.6 cap is here


11.7 driver mobility mod but read as there is prob maybe with brightness


I hope this helps a little. Preferably you should have the 11.6 drivers and they get modded so the system allows their install. try here http://downloads.guru3d.com/Videocards---ATI-Catalyst-Windows-Vista_c31.html

let me know tommorow if you didn't get it going yet Ill check my email for a private message from you as early as possible.

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hi guys, well it seems The software is reporting 11.6 but for some reason I dont think it is 11.6, because it lost the button to look for upgrades. I will re try to re install all today at a later time, thanks or all the input.

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