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  1. Just installed modded bios for my Alienware M18x, installed the GTX770m into the MXM slot and Posted it up, 8 beeps. Took card out, forced iGFX and re-installed card. System boots but doesn't see card listed under discrete graphics. Continued to Windows 10, lists two unknown devices, VEN_SMO&DEV_8800 and VEN_CPL&DEV_2200, I'm beginning to think its possible the 770m could be defective? I know its the Dell P/N version that's known to be compatible with this laptop. Any advisory would be appreciated!
  2. p1npo1nt

    Facebook customer service phone number

    Definitely phishing
  3. p1npo1nt

    Alienware still good?

    IMO Alienware has gotten better over time, from 2008-2012 quality seemed to be off for me. The latest Alienware systems are built like absolute tanks however, very high quality even in comparison to boutique systems like Origin/Sager. MSI laptops have been good, I own one, however some models are built pretty darn cheaply, but what you do you expect from a laptop at the cheapest pricepoint for the spec bracket
  4. p1npo1nt

    [unlocked] M18x R1 BIOS versions

    I'll definitely go this route after my account gets made active, do you possibly have a link for modded vBios for the 770m?
  5. I'm going to be upgrading my Alienware M18x R1 with a GTX770m I purchased from ebay; 770m has a Dell P/N: HW6C9 for reference. I have a couple questions about performing this upgrade: -Is the /unlocked/ version A05 bios necessary? I am receiving 8 beeps on startup with the dell factory A05 bios installed w/ the 770m -Is a vBIOS flash required for basic functionality and driver installs? -If so, is there a link to a compatible vBIOS for this card, finally, a guide for installing the new vbios? Any help is vastly appreciated, I've done some homework but I am new to upgrading MXM modules on laptops.
  6. p1npo1nt

    [unlocked] M18x R1 BIOS versions

    Looking to install a 770m into my Alienware M18x R1, do I require anything other than the Modded bios to get started with the install? Ebay listing noted that its compatible with my unit.

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