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  1. NEW DEVELOPMENT I removed both 6990m (crossfire) and it booted just fine. I tried inserting one and then the other separately, both of them are giving out 8 beeps. Without video cards no 8 beeps. UPDATE: I cleaned the pci-connector with an eraser and both of them came back to life, one however boots ok but instead of black everything is green all around, the other seems to be fine.
  2. Long story short: 2011 (Around May): Almost chose a sager, went with m18x instead. 2011 (Around July): Got it in my hands, turned it on, screen started going white and it seems to be related to moving the lid. 2011 (Around Sept to November) Since there was zero warranty on Brazil I went all the way to England to get it fixed, but when I went it was temporarily working for some unknown reason. Dell Tech replaced motherboard and the display itself. Since it was already temporarily working we couldn't test to see if the problem had been fixed. 2011 (Around December to 2012 Jan) Problem came back full blast. It started with white screen and then a few weeks after it came back I was unable to turn it on due to 8 beeps. Depending on how the lid was positioned I was able to turn it on. Video I made about the problem once it came back: My warranty expired and I gave up, just let it collect dust on my closet, it's been there doing nothing for way longer than a whole year. Until finally I decided to try something (buy a new display), another stupid move. The Problem: - 8 beeps, doesn't post. - When I can turn it on the display gets white from time to time, and depending how I move the lid it comes back to life. What I have tried: - Updating bios to A05 - Clearing CMOS - Re-seating RAM - Re-seating display cables More recently - Bought a brand new sealed m18x display to see if I could fix my 8 beeps. Didn't work. During my recent venture I noticed the video-to-motherboard cable had a little bump (it's an item that goes from the old display to the new display, which means it was passed over from the get-go, never replaced), here's the picture: http://i.imgur.com/58xx9EU.jpg The guy I purchased the display from said the cable looks okay to him. What else could it be? I'm so disgruntled with dell for their poor quality product. Edit: Seriously considering buying another 8NW7M cable, but totally on the fence on this one, might be another disappointment.
  3. That's what I got there. I couldn't find the LCD display on dell website, maybe I should call them.
  4. I found a match on ebay, but I wanted something mint, also found it here but they're out of stock. I can receive from 3 ends: US, UK and South America. I'm hoping replacing the screen will fix the damn 8 beeps problem (and my laptop is not under warranty anymore, plus they don't even service my laptop where I'm living, no workaround or exceptions). So, does anyone know where to get the LCD display?
  5. After plain frustration and confusion I'm here to announce that there might be some new developments in finding the cause. I initially thought it was because of the crossfire and that by disabling it the problem would be gone, but I was wrong. In actuality the problem happens whenever I launch a real heavy game. So, games that makes full use of crossfire can and will make my GPU heat, causing the white screen. If it doesn't heat, no white screen. So, most games that use crossfire works fine with crossfire disabled. To summarize, the problem happens when: I open a game that make the GPUs heat up. It does not happen with an external monitor, so it cannot be simply be the GPU by itself. Instead, there might be something to do with the connection from the GPU to the built-in screen. Something that was not replaced when they replaced both the motherboard and the screen. Perhaps by exchanging the GPUs and all cables involving it would be sufficient to fix the issue. My warranty will end by June. I'm transferring it back to Brazil, though I have little hope of being given a consistent support. Apparently Dell did not calculate that foreigners would buy their top notch product. Just as a side note, a little research and I found many people with the same problem as me. So, I'm guessing the first generation of Alienware is quite prone to be defective.
  6. Michael, thank you so much for having me try this out! Turns out that by disabling CF it works fine, no problem what so ever! So, the problem was with the video cards all along (perhaps the crossfire connection?). You mentioned you have dual 6970 ? Well so do I! Do you think they might exchange my cards here in Brazil?
  7. Thanks Michael, I'll test it out and give you some feed back later!
  8. I know, looks that way. But just to make a little clearer: 1) White screen issue started 1.2) Tried reformatting 1.3) Tried all kinds of drivers 1.4) Tried to open it up, reseat the cables 1.5) Open the whole thing and reseat ALL the cables 2) Went to a country where m18x was fabricated and got it fixed 3) White screen issue came back I know it looks like an easy problem to fix, but it isn't, they swapped the motherboard and the screen for a new one and it wasn't enough to fix it (in the process the cables were swapped as well), so, there's something deeper than that. Probably something to do with the GPU.
  9. Last contact was around August/September '11, haven't called them anymore since I swerved the warranty to another country.
  10. Hey Michael! Yes I do have the global warranty, at the time they said, "Well sir, since we do NOT have the m18x screen for replacement we will not be providing you any service and we cannot help you any further." - Believe me, I spent months calling them and talked to at least two or three managers. They told me that the ONLY way was if Dell US sent the parts over here, which Dell US refused to do because there's no protocol on cases like mine, so they do not know how to proceed. At Dell US my case was escalated to the manager which stalled me for months by saying he was looking into it, he pretty much abandoned my case. So, as you can see, I'm quite screwed.
  11. Thank you for the reply Brian, Alienware m18x is built exclusively at US, CA & EU, that excludes everywhere else. Yes, we do have Dell here in Brazil but all they sell is m11x, ergo no parts for m18x, and that's the reason they refuse to help me. I'm immensely discontent with Dell and tired of it all. I've tried it all before the first fix, I opened every bit up and tighten all cables and put it all back together - with no luck. Then for the fix they replaced the motherboard AND the screen which apparently wasn't enough to fix it. Don't bother forwarding my case, all they going to tell me is that they'll try to escalate and stall me for months like it was last time when I was contacting an employee at Dell who promised he'd help me every way he can. It ended up that my only choice was to be physically present where m18x is fabricated. Hands down the worst deal of my life.
  12. There's absolutely nothing worse than the bitter regret of paying over 4 thousand dollars for a laptop that has been nothing but trouble from day one. I wish I could say that it brought joy, I wish I could use it like a normal laptop, you know, worry-free. I'll never buy another alienware in my life, never, ever. When I first unboxed the laptop I was, indeed, happy. And then I turned it on and the problems started within the first boot. The screen went white and didn't come back, for a whole week I was unable to use my laptop. Not only that, but where I live they do not make m18x, so dell offered me zero support even though I paid for the top tier warranty. After a week of frustration and trying many different things, the screen showed up normally, except it would turn white if I even moved the lid an inch or entered any games. After 5 months of suffering with this condition I decided I've had enough and decided to go to the US to get my laptop fixed. I crossed the Atlantic Ocean (by plane) travelling around 10.000 miles, and paid thousands of dollars for a month stay in a hotel. Dell Support was precise and quite quick, tech guys came over, replaced the screen (cables within) AND the motherboard. The problem was seemingly gone, and yes, I tested intensively during my stay on the US. Then I came home and everything was cool for another couple of months when the problem started happening again. The problem started after the battery drained out and when I plug it in, the screen started going white again. I simply cannot spend this kind of money to get it fixed AGAIN, now it's going to stay like this forever. Alienware was always a dream for me, and when I finally achieved it I was so happy. Now I absolutely hate it. I spent months calling dell before I first got it fixed, so there was many things I tried. I tried factory resetting, formatting, installing newer drivers (yes I used driver sweeper), among other things. Video I just made about the problem:
  13. It's already set to boot via hard drive, no luck. Anybody have any idea what it might be hanging on the alien face? Thanks!
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