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Sony, Sennheiser, Razer or Philips Headphones?

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Definately not cost effective by any means, but i swear by razer products. They're boverpriced and not the best you can get for the money, but i've never had anything razer break on my and everything i've gotten (mamba, krakens and chimaeras) have been comfortable as hell. I'd say get your hands on all four in a store display or something and try them, no one can tell you your personal preference

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Been using Sennheiser 558's for a while. Very happy with their performance. Crystal clear sound all the time. No distortion. My only gripe is it's a little weak on bass and that's if I HAD to choose a problem. The overall clarity of the sound is superb. I imagine some more tweaking on my part will help with bass.

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Ah, I can certainly help with the Razer aspect. The Razer Electras have a smaller Frequency response compared to say the Razer Krakens. If you're looking for the over ear instead of on ear design, I would recommend the Logitech G35 headphones. I have both, and usually use the Razer Kraken Pros. As for build quality, the Krakens are pretty durable, I've been taking them with me on airplanes, road trips, etc. The Logitechs are also quite nice, considering that I've dropped them, run over the cable with a chair multiple times, and abused them so much... But it still functions, still works, and the only thing to show for these multiple years of abuse is a little piece of cracked plastic that serves no use (cosmetic use only).

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If you really don't know which brand to choose you should ask yourself, would you rather buy a headphone from a company that makes:


1. Sony: TVs, Videogames, Smartphones, Cameras...

2. Philips: Light bulbs, Toothbrushes, Shavers...

3. Razer: Mouses, Keyboards, Mousemats...

4. Sennheiser: Headphones, Headsets, Microphones, Speakers...


Philips doesn't make any decent headphones. Razer will charge extra for something that is not worth it, don't fall for the false 7.1 advertised. Sure, you can find decent sony headphones. I myself have an 10RBT that i take with me when i travel, but back at home i use only my Sennheiser's.


You get what you pay. Just please don't never ever even think on purchasing a beats.

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I use Sennheiser PC350. Best gaming headset I've owned, came from a Logitech g430. People I play games with say I come in loud and clear.  The one thing I would recommend is to get some replacement earpads. The ones on the headset have that cheap thin pleather .

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