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  1. Hi guys, I recently successfully got the BIOS to work. I can access all the advanced options. But, the thing is I can't access boot media. When I press F12, I cannot see the flash drive I made to boot from Ubuntu. The flash drive does work, as confirmed by using another laptop. I tried accessing the boot menu from F2, and it still doesn't show up. Only a Windows Boot Manager, EFI Network 0 for Ipv4 and for ipv6 show up. I also tried resetting the BIOS, Loading OS optimized defaults, and I'm pretty sure I tried all possible boot option tweaks.... Help please? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys! I really wanted 5ghz on my Lenovo Y510p, so I took my Intel Advanced-N 6205 from my desktop and put it into my Lenovo Y510p. I did modify/unlock the BIOS according to the AWESOME tutorial on here. The thing is....using this Intel Advanced-N 6205 wireless card doesn't allow me to use the 2.5ghz band, only the 5ghz. I know that this wireless chip/card is designed for desktop use only...but why isn't it working on dual channel for my laptop? It seems weird that it works on 5ghz, considering that the Lenovo Y510p came with a 2.4ghz card. Is there a way to switch or turn of the 5ghz band on my card so I can choose to use which band? (It seems like it can only support one band at a time, or 5ghz only...) Thanks!
  3. Hmm... When I try and update to BIOS v3.05 or downgrade to v2.07 I get a "BIOS version compare error!". I even tried grabbing the BIOS update file directly from Lenovo, and it spat out the same error... Help? (Yes, I do have a Lenovo Y510p... SLI GT 755M) EDIT: Whoops sorry...saw the question already answered.... Just go into the BIOS setting and make sure the Flash back setting is enabled.
  4. I'd have to say the Razer keyboards are my favorite. Especially the new line of Razer Blackwidows. They have somewhere around 12 stages of backlighting. Of course, it's only green. That is soon to change with the Razer Chroma Blackwidow though... Multi color backlighting like the Corsair RGB mechanical keyboard.
  5. Ah, I can certainly help with the Razer aspect. The Razer Electras have a smaller Frequency response compared to say the Razer Krakens. If you're looking for the over ear instead of on ear design, I would recommend the Logitech G35 headphones. I have both, and usually use the Razer Kraken Pros. As for build quality, the Krakens are pretty durable, I've been taking them with me on airplanes, road trips, etc. The Logitechs are also quite nice, considering that I've dropped them, run over the cable with a chair multiple times, and abused them so much... But it still functions, still works, and the only thing to show for these multiple years of abuse is a little piece of cracked plastic that serves no use (cosmetic use only).
  6. I am currently typing on a mechanical keyboard, and I totally love the difference. The good thing about mechanical keys is that you only need to press halfway, and it allows for better repetitive pressing. The one con about a mechanical keyboard is that some people don't realize that you only need to press about halfway for the switch to actuate, thus making the entire travel distance and thus are expending more energy. I would recommend going into a store and trying out the keyboards individually. I currently am using the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth 2014 (Razer orange switches).
  7. Gaming wise... I'd say the Lenovo Y50 is a pretty good laptop. It came out this year (I forget what month sorry), and is considerably thinner than the Y510p, with the only caveat according to Linus Tech Tips being the display. Other than that, Razer is currently doing Back-to-school sales (I believe with the purchase of a Blade, you'll get $50 in credit for their store). MSI GS60s is a good laptop, other than that... I"d have to say the Lenovo Y50 is the most budget-oriented laptop.
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