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  1. buddy can you PM me the link where you have ordered yours? looking for 1 for my brother
  2. OH YEAH, way to go KHENGLISH!!!!!!!! you are now officially a mad scientist!!!! You are now officially REDDIT famous! (saw this over reddit too!) Please post more images and videos for us all to enjoy!
  3. OH YEAH, way to go KHENGLISH!!!!!!!! you are now officially a mad scientist!!!! YOu are officially REDDIT famous! (saw this over reddit too!)
  4. battlefield 1 Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  5. your OT buddy Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  6. i wanted to eliminate saying the excuse "its in my home pc" or "yeah i have that but its in my pc" Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  7. having a desktop grade GTX 980 in MXM format in a super compact factor would be great, heck even an SLI GTX 980M is beast but I know the market does not demand such, it is only a dream if not a niche. ah yes, saw it on Linus Tech Tips channel few hours back yeah!; my dream setup I bet @Tech Inferno Fan is jumping on his seat now, like to hear from the eGPU big boss
  8. wow such a great endeavor for the eGPU community BRAVO!! is this project supporting both gpus from the two giants NVIDIA and AMD?
  9. I know I have been away for a while but can't help but notice all the developments towards eGPU and its public acceptance and adoption(some are just portability snubs that I almost been contaminated with the same thought process, maybe cause my desktop PC broke on me since 1 month maybe LOL hence my ideas now) I was looking to build a mini ITX pc since last year and now is the chance to do it with my limited resources and already available PC parts but I came across this post: http://www.legitreviews.com/gigabyte-brix-get-updated-skylake-processors-thunderbolt-3-geforce-gtx-950m-dual-gigabit-lan_177440 this could be a great portable solution for both desktop and egpu experience, this is my ultimate wet dream a NUC platform that supports MXM based gpus. And no dont want laptops anymore. Need an HTPC or a nuc that supports TB3 Enjoy! Sent from my WORK PC using Mozilla
  10. it only bothers me when I want to max out all settings in GTA V and seeing that VRAM slider only wants to stop at 3.5 GB, otherwise, game crashes or instantly reverts back to dekstop. Still hoping for VRAM memory stacking support (I know wishful thinking) and will SLI these babies to top up VRAM to 8GB - or 7GB (no pun intended)
  11. guys I was browsing my local computer stores last night and luckily I found a 2560p used laptop for about $ 205 bucks now I wanted to know if is this the same breed as the 2570p and can it support the desired upgrades like CPU and extra storage solution up to 2 TB?
  12. Yes I agree with all your point buddy, hell I don't want to spend $500 for an MXM based GPU, I'd get a GTX 980. Thunderbolt 3 ports on all devices should be necessary, all devices, not just those fruity brands and hellish expensive laptops.
  13. it did happen once with this; here's the link to its mini review; Fast, but compromised: Gigabyte
  14. Is this guy a member here too? I think he is or maybe he's just over at hardforum.com Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Buddy I meant if Intel will implement the MXM gpu support on the NUC platform, that will again shake the computing market. I know he is only using the movie slot of the NUC using a riser. @Tech Inferno Fan have you seen this breakthrough? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. guys take a look at this innovation! I was thinking about this a while back! think NUCs with MXM GPU support! This is not mine by the way! Courtesy of wormholev2 @ hardforum.com Source: i5 NUC and GTX980 - [H]ard|Forum
  17. Nando4 man I highly suggest for you to make patents of all the work and all your contributions to the DIY eGPU community buddy that way you can sue anyone blaspheming this new and great innovation that you paved way for everyone
  18. NUC platform might be shaking knees..I want t see them implement an MXM based gpu support so they can co exist and compete with these new stuff intel will be implementing soon, as consumers, its decent to have enough choices for portable computing you know [emoji1]
  19. I guess Intel noticed that petition made to make Asus sell that thunderbolt dock that can enable eGPU usage...
  20. I don't know if this was posted already but I felt like sharing this all of you guys here @ TechInferno forums... So good news guys here it is, the official announcement of Intel about Thunderbolt 3! iClarified - Apple News - Intel Announces Thunderbolt 3 With USB Type-C Connector
  21. Its too much when you find yourself in debt of great amount that will take a while to pay off from your own pocket for your own purpose.
  22. mine will be dirt cheap; i5 4460 (no need of overclocking, if so i5 4690k or i7 4790K should do the task) Hyper 212 EVO (Air cooling is worth it) Asrock Z97 PRO 4 (Z97 Allows OCing of CPU, this is capable of THUNDERBOLT 2!) R9 290 (Or wait for that R9 390X HBM GPU and go CF if 4K is needed. Titan X is too expensive!) 8GB RAM (16GB if running a lot of apps and gaming same time) 120GB SSD (more GBs needed for great reduction of load times, a miracle nowadays!) 1TB HDD (more GBs for Personal Things such as Docs, Photos, Videos, and ETC Files) 600-750W Gold PSU Semi or Fully Modular (Cable management can help in thermals of PC) Case with Acrylic side Panel, Case Fans 2 in front as intake, 1 at the rear and one on top as exhaust (its nice too look at the parts of your PC and the effort you put on assembling it. YEAH!) Remember "Warm air rises, cold air sinks" (correct my grammar please LOL) And you'll be a happy gamer like me!
  23. Check out my posts buddy, I think I made a Thread about it
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