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  1. I just want a vbios mod that makes my GPUs run as intended. Nothing more. I think the 880m vbios posted in the other thread is causing system crashes for me. Thank you in advance. pan0bios.zip
  2. What voltage increments would you recommend I test at? It seems like even adjusting by .005mv at a time is incredibly volatile for me.
  3. Flashed my 880m's to SVL7's vbios last night. Thanks for all the work. It's greatly appreciated. I feel there's something still hindering me though. Even very minor adjustments to core/memory are resulting in full system crashes when I try to OC. I thought even with stock bios you should be able to do Core +135/Memory +500, no? My performance is still very good stock, but I thought I could at least get some more oomph with the unlocked vbios.
  4. Been using Sennheiser 558's for a while. Very happy with their performance. Crystal clear sound all the time. No distortion. My only gripe is it's a little weak on bass and that's if I HAD to choose a problem. The overall clarity of the sound is superb. I imagine some more tweaking on my part will help with bass.
  5. Already made a few posts on the board already, but hey everyone! Came here because of svl7's modified vbios thread and have been enjoying poking around the different sections. Just bought my very first laptop after a lifetime of being a self-built desktop PC owner and felt I needed to get involved more in technology-oriented communities since I'm starting to delve into new waters. Looking forward to getting to know everyone around here!
  6. Dark souls 2, Dark souls 2, DARK SOULS 2! So god damn brutal and fun. If you get this game, PM me so we can do some glorious co-op.
  7. pan0phobik

    Diablo 3

    Patch 2.0 revived this game for me and I have been hating it since 2 months post-release. They're doing a lot of things right with this game now.
  8. I don't have experience with Clevo/Sager but I can vouch for Alienware. I just got my Alienware 18 this past weekend and I'm loving it. It's worked nearly flawlessly, feels SOLID and well-crafted. My only complaint, and this has to deal with Nvidia more than Alienware, is that there are issues with my 880m SLI setup. Apparently there are some throttling problems that need to be fixed in the vBIOS. Considering you aren't even getting 880's, however, you won't have this problem. Since the price isn't much different, I'd go with Alienware.
  9. I splurged and bought the Alienware Briefcase that was made for my AW18. Didn't want to take any chances and it gives me another reason to hold Dell liable in the worst case scenario.
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