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  1. Mine runs around the same as yours, (60-65c) but thats down from 70+ which was annoying with the hairdryer of a fan. Anyone heard of another fan fitting? Been searching and found nothing in terms of a fan upgrade
  2. So i just re-pasted with IC diamond and was wondering for anyone with an unlocked bios/vbios, what overclock levels have been "safe" in terms of stability and temp? Currently i haven't flashed the modified files but am running at +135/+200 gpu and memory. If i do take the leap and overclock (to be honest, not all that familiar with DOS so, a bit daunting) what have you guys experienced as the max overclock without issues (temp or stability wise) Thanks!
  3. Definately not cost effective by any means, but i swear by razer products. They're boverpriced and not the best you can get for the money, but i've never had anything razer break on my and everything i've gotten (mamba, krakens and chimaeras) have been comfortable as hell. I'd say get your hands on all four in a store display or something and try them, no one can tell you your personal preference
  4. Could someone mirror this somewhere else? I've been looking for an unlocked bios and stumbled on this recently, but i'm new to the site so i can't download anything.
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