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After reading about undervolting and overclocking, I was curious about my default CPU temperature (I got my Acer Aspire, V3-571G only a few days ago).

My CPU is an Intel i5-3210M (Ivy Bridge). After running some 20min torture tests, I got core temperatures of ~82C° average for both cores.


I did not overclock or anything the like.

Are these temperatures alarming or are they perfectly okay for my notebook?

Edit: I just did a just-for-fun gaming test (Call of Duty 4 :P). It resulted in the stats of Core [email protected]°C, Core [email protected]°C and [email protected]°C using CPUID.

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(At least for me) That seems to be higher than it should. I like my temps to max at 75. You should consider upgrading the heatsink, adding more fans, and using better thermal paste.

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Thanks for your reply. I thought that it would be a good idea to buy a cooling pad or thermal paste. But alternatively, could I also undervolt the i5? (None of my researches led me to clear results :S)

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I don't think you can undervolt it unless the bios allows it or a third party software program. Try a cooling pad.

Sent from my GT-N7000

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Unless the stock bios supports change of voltages either through the bios or software, then your best bet is to reseat the cpu heatsink with good thermal paste reapplication.

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Your temps were lower on prime95 than in gaming. Your cpu likely downclocked some in prime and therefore max temp was related to that speed. BF3 had higher temps so my guess is turboboost into the higher speeds single and dualc ore offer and perhaps your 4core turbo boost speeds are being utilized in BF3 therefore using a higher voltage and speed than you see in that long term prime95stability test. So temps are actually higher under a lighter load due to Intels turboboost pretty much by design.

To combat that either disable turbo bost, use Throttle Stop to limit your max turbo bin by one or two or as above repaste or improve heatsink or fan setup.

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