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Found 9 results

  1. Hello all I have a Clevo P370EM3 laptop with a pair of GTX 680Ms in SLI mode and have never been able to get Linux to work properly with full acceleration and without tearing. I have tried every xorg config I can find, and even all the modifications from the nvidia configurator to no avail. Has anyone been able to get these things to work 100% in Linux? I have typically used ubuntu based distros, including Mint, and every available driver version from the repositories, but can never get it to work quite right. Thanks for any help anyone can provide. It is killing me to run Windows on this machine because of these issues, and I am almost to the point of installing the inferior 7970 cards. Have a great day -TCH
  2. Hey guys, I tried searching for a linux thread about the g75vw but I didn't find anything and as I've been trying to dump the old windows and switch to Linux Ubuntu, but being a long time Windows and Mac user I had my bumps and scratches. To anyone who is having trouble installing everything I found this website with a lot of info about g75vw and linux compatability Asus G75VW [Linux Laptop Wiki] Hope it helps and lets see if anyone has any extra info bout the drivers, hotkeys and everything else [EDIT] Could a Mod or Admin move this thread to Asus Gaming Notebook Forum?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm very happy with this laptop but there is an empty M.2 slot waiting to be filled. The connector seems to offer the right pins for a PCIe x4 SSD like the SM951 but someone at Notebookreview reported that this particular model dosent work. Is it possible that NVME is the problem and other PCIe SSDs should work? Could a BIOS mod help (like inserting BIOS modules)? Can I somehow determine whether the hardware supports PCIe x4 in this M.2 port? I tried reading the PCIe configuration of the CPU with Linux, but can't interpret the result... root@ubuntu:/home/ubuntu/Desktop# bash listpcie.sh -t J6B2: x16 PCI Express J6B1: x1 PCI Express J6D1: x1 PCI Express J7B1: x1 PCI Express J8B4: x1 PCI Express root@ubuntu:/home/ubuntu/Desktop# bash listpcie.sh -l J6B2: Intel Corporation Sky Lake PCIe Controller Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 122 Bus: primary=00, secondary=01, subordinate=01, sec-latency=0 Capabilities: [88] Subsystem: Intel Corporation Device 2015 Capabilities: [80] Power Management version 3 Capabilities: [90] MSI: Enable+ Count=1/1 Maskable- 64bit- Capabilities: [a0] Express Root Port (Slot+), MSI 00 Capabilities: [100] Virtual Channel Capabilities: [140] Root Complex Link Capabilities: [d94] #19 Kernel driver in use: pcieport J6B1: J6D1: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H PCI Express Root Port #5 Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 16 Bus: primary=00, secondary=04, subordinate=04, sec-latency=0 I/O behind bridge: 0000d000-0000dfff Memory behind bridge: df300000-df3fffff Capabilities: [40] Express Root Port (Slot+), MSI 00 Capabilities: [80] MSI: Enable- Count=1/1 Maskable- 64bit- Capabilities: [90] Subsystem: Dell Device 0706 Capabilities: [a0] Power Management version 3 Capabilities: [100] Advanced Error Reporting Capabilities: [140] Access Control Services Capabilities: [220] #19 Kernel driver in use: pcieport J7B1: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H PCI Express Root Port #6 Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 17 Bus: primary=00, secondary=05, subordinate=05, sec-latency=0 Memory behind bridge: df200000-df2fffff Capabilities: [40] Express Root Port (Slot+), MSI 00 Capabilities: [80] MSI: Enable- Count=1/1 Maskable- 64bit- Capabilities: [90] Subsystem: Dell Device 0706 Capabilities: [a0] Power Management version 3 Capabilities: [100] Advanced Error Reporting Capabilities: [140] Access Control Services Capabilities: [200] L1 PM Substates Capabilities: [220] #19 Kernel driver in use: pcieport J8B4: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H PCI Express Root Port #7 Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 18 Bus: primary=00, secondary=06, subordinate=06, sec-latency=0 Memory behind bridge: df100000-df1fffff Capabilities: [40] Express Root Port (Slot+), MSI 00 Capabilities: [80] MSI: Enable- Count=1/1 Maskable- 64bit- Capabilities: [90] Subsystem: Dell Device 0706 Capabilities: [a0] Power Management version 3 Capabilities: [100] Advanced Error Reporting Capabilities: [140] Access Control Services Capabilities: [220] #19 Kernel driver in use: pcieport Maybe someone with a little bit more experience knows what that means.
  4. Ian Murdock, the founder of the Debian project and CTO of the Linux Foundation has passed away at a young age of 42 years old. Although no official reason is given for his death, it is speculated that he committed suicide. On his now deleted twitter account , he talked of an altercation with the police who he claimed had assaulted him. In one particular tweet, he threatened to commit suicide to bring to light what he viewed as unchecked police brutality. Unfortunately, he used some unsavory language to convey his anger and feelings of mistreatment: A reddit thread of concerned users discussed his twitter posts and although his twitter account was deleted, one user managed to preserve all his tweets via pastebin: 7:12pm: I am a white male, make a lot money, pay a lot of money in taxes, and yet their abuse is equally doned out. DO NOT CROSS THEM! 7:08pm: This was right after the female officer ripped off my underwear.. I guess that's not considered rape if you're not a woman being raped. 7:03pm: "We're the police, we can do whatever the fuck we want.." 6:49pm: What does one have to get education wise to become a police officer.. asking for a friend. 6:42pm: The rest of my life is to fight against the police.. they are NOT friends, so don't ever ever believe otherwise. 6:41pm: The police are uneducated, evil, and sadistic. Do not trust them. 6:33pm: (2/2) They are uneducated, bitter, and and only interested in power for its own sake. Contact me [email protected] if you can help. -ian 6:31pm: (1/2) The rest of my life will be devoted to fighting against police abuse.. I'm white, I made $1.4 million last year, 6:07pm: i'm hoping coming from a successful white guy it will help everyone 6:06pm: i'm going to post my case on my blog.. if anyone can post it on hacker news or wherever i would apprieciate it 6:00pm: @jacksormwriter wants me dead 5:48pm: Writing up my experience for others to hopefully prevent others from police abuse then you won't hear from me again 5:45pm: where they put you in a cell with absolutely no instructions whatever aside from the spell on the floor in piss? 5:45pm: shall i post pictures for all my bruises from my against the police officers? 5:38pm: they said no 5:38pm: i asked if they had cameras 5:37pm: then followed my home from there 5:37pm: i had to have swtitches 5:36pm: then they pulled me out of my house and did it again 5:36pm: they followed me home 5:36pm: i had to go to the hospital 5:35pm: they beat the shit out of me twice, then charged me $25,000 to get out of jail for battery against THEM 5:34pm: if anyone wants to come over and see what the police did to me i would be more than happy for that 5:30pm: I'm not committing suicide today. I'll write this all up first, so the police brutality ENDEMIC in this so call free country will be known. 5:27pm: Maybe my suicide at this, you now, a successful business man, not a NIGGER, will finally bring some attention to this very serious issue. 5:25pm: My career is over now, so I'll be gone soon. 5:23pm: Quote: "We're the police, we always win." 5:22pm: I'll write more much later. They still don't have cameras on all police so I'm going to use my somewhat celebrity to hopefully stop this. 5:21pm: My bail for "assault against a police officer" are all that: $25,000. 5:20pm: Then beat me up some more. 5:20pm: I'll write more on my blog later. But the police here beat me up for knowing on my neighbor's door.. they sent me to the hospital. 5:17pm: https://t.co/I1CSCJErWf 5:14pm: watch my blog later http://ianmurdock.com 5:13pm: i'm committing suicide tonight.. do not intervene as i have many stories to tell and do not want them to die with me #debian #runnerkristy67 Whatever the reason or cause, it is a loss to the Linux and Debian community. View full article
  5. Hello all, A developer recently created a node.js project to control the MSI Steelseries Keyboards with javascript. Since it uses node.js it should be cross OS (windows, mac, linux). The github repo is here: https://github.com/wearefractal/msi-keyboard I installed and am successfully controlling my keyboard in Linux Mint 15 64bit Requirements: Node.js npm Here are the instructions: (Linux or mac, windows is similar) Make a folder called msi-klm (or similar) now use a text editor to create two files inside the folder. package.json and server.js in package.json put this minimal code: { "name": "led-manager", "dependencies": { "msi-keyboard":"*" } } Save the file. Open the folder in a terminal and run this command: npm install That will install the needed module. Edit server.js Put this (minimal) code: var keyboard = require('msi-keyboard'); keyboard.color('left',{color: 'red', intensity: 'med'}); keyboard.color('middle',{color: 'blue', intensity: 'med'}); keyboard.color('right',{color: 'green', intensity: 'med'}); Save the file. Refer to https://github.com/wearefractal/msi-keyboard for the many other options. Use the same terminal to run: sudo node server.js (on linux or *nix. Open the terminal as Admin in windows) Your keyboard should be now lit up! Cheers
  6. Hello Tech Inferno, I have a P150EM in the form of a "PCSpecialist Vortex IV". I've had it for about a year, and quite often had hard crashes i.e. kernel panics with it in Linux (which I had at first put down to hardware compatibility problems under linux, kernel bugs, etc - the crashes vary in characteristics depending on what kernel i'm running - some kernels are more unstable when idle than when under load, and the crashes tend to be in the power saving functions - update_wait_time, try_to_wake_up etc), but I also occasionally get random BSODs under Windows 7 too (it's a dual-boot setup) - so I suspect I have a hardware problem. I have run memtest86, intel CPU diagnostics, and various other tools but none of them show any issues with the CPU/memory. However, more recently, when I am running games under Windows (e.g. Fallout 3) I am having a particularly nasty hard crash that makes me suspect the BIOS. The system freezes (playing the last few milliseconds of audio in a loop) and then gives me a BSOD with very little information - no stack trace, no sys file, just four memory pointers, two of which are zero and the other two I didn't have time to read. That may be normal for a BSOD, but it is what comes after that makes me suspect the BIOS. When I reboot the machine, windows will get to the "starting windows" screen with its four coloured orbs, and freeze dead just before it draws the orbs, with the HDD light on continuously. If I then power off the machine by holding the button in, and switch on again, it gives me the ominous error message "Disk read error - press ctrl+alt+delete to reboot". I can reboot a few times, power off / on the machine, and get the same thing - to the point of believing I really have a dead disk. I can even go into the BIOS and see that *both* of my Plextor M5M mSATA drives have disappeared! However - if I leave the machine off for a while, or if I unplug the power cable and battery, press the power button to discharge it, and then put them back and boot up again, it boots up normally (apart from the 'windows failed to start' screen), and I can check the disk with no errors reported. This isn't a one-off either - it has happened three or four times in the past month. This is a particularly spooky kind of crash that whiffs of a BIOS bug.. My question is has anyone else experienced something similar, or am I just overheating my machine? It has always got quite hot when under full load e.g. playing games, and I wonder if there is any way to clock it down (and perhaps make it quieter too) - certainly the stock BIOS gives no options whatsoever to configure any aspect of the CPU or cooling.. I'm inclined to try Prema's modded bios from these forums, but I don't particularly like the idea of bricking the machine entirely. What do you recommend? Cheers, cyberdemon
  7. Upon trying to install (k)ubuntu, and possibly other Linux distributions, you may find that your installation stalls with a blank screen. I'm posting this here rather than in Linux section because it's specific to this make and/or model, but I've seen other posts with issues getting past install. The trick to getting the desktop install to boot completely to the GUI is to enable legacy boot in the BIOS (still allowing UEFI), as well as removing your 2nd GPU card during install. Once you have the system installed, reboot and install the real nvidia drivers, shut down your system, re-insert your 2nd GPU and you're all set. I'm not exactly sure why the legacy option has to be enabled even when you're using EFI, but it seems to have something to do with the way the graphics are set up during POST.
  8. So, I see ALOT of posts about MSi (Clevo & Sager) and issues with UEFI and Linux. My MSi came and I could not be happier. Went into BIOS by hitting delete. Disabled UEFI and Fast Boot, enabled Legacy. Changed boot order to boot off DVDR. Booted DVD and as expected, got a black screen. No biggie. Rebooted again and during bootup, hit the tab key and was able to edit grub. Replaced "quite splash" with "nomodeset" hit enter and live DVD ran. Got to desktop. Clicked on "install" on the desktop DVD icon. Drawer popped open, removed DVD and hit enter. Laptop started back up, got black screen again. Hit Tab key, once again replaced "quiet splash" with "nomodeset". Went right to desktop. Installed all the updates, appx. 287of them. Thinking everything would now be fine, I rebooted. Nope. Black screen again. Hit tab key, again replaced "quite splash" with "nomodeset". Got desktop again. Now I seem to be running in "software rendering mode" and cpus are just humming away all at 50%. Also had a pop-up stating Cinnamon had crashed. Tried to restart Cinnamon and no go. Not good. Dont panick. Checked to see what drivers were installed and what was available. Nuveau or nVidia. Nuveau was installed. In doing resaearch I had noticed someone had fixed this issue by installing Mate. So, I installed mate, mate-desktop and all the dependencies. Logged out, and then logged back in. Now Cinnamon works as should and all is good. Went into Synaptic and installed nuveau-bumblebee. Everything works as should. All the FN keys, everything. Power button glows orange upon bootup to let me know nuveau is present and working, then returns to white. A few tweaks here and there, such as no "sound events" for system beeps, but was an easy fix. sudo apt-get install deconf-editor. Went to org>system>sounds, put check in box for sound events. Voila. \o/ The first few times of rebooting for some reason I had to hit the tab key or would still go to black screen, but did not have to edit anything. After the first few times, it corrected intself and boots normally now. Even installed a bumblebee applet that lets you manage nVidia from there and open certain apps with it . All the buttons across the top of the laptop work as expected. All FN keys work as expected. My only hope is that I can somehow get the laptop keyboard LEDs to change off the default blue. This MSi is a rock solid machine. Quite, fast! No heating issues. I am SO happy!!!
  9. Hi, This forum is amazing. I'm a noob here and I was so impressed I bought the elite membership immediately. I'm having a big issue though, which is that I can't get this overclocking .exe's to run in wine (Windows virtualization). Is there a way to max the m14x unlocked bios for a08 work in linux? Thanks in advance!
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