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  1. This is the only thing that I am unsure about... because I can see there is a small screw on the bottom part of the cd drive(original) that removes the cover, but I dont know if the one you buy would have the same screw space for the cover
  2. haby001

    what will you do

    You could make the change, but first check it well... there may be a catch to this trade. But if it is a decent macbook pro, then make the trade, sell it and buy the asus g75vx with spare money... i think, post ALL of the specs and I'll give oyu a rough selling price
  3. haby001

    Asus Covers

    Really? I would love to see it finish and maybe buy one from you!
  4. Ubuntu is the most used OS in the linux distro world (distributions)... linux has just a few games... although steam has now a linux compatability and a lot of developers are creating games for linux... check The Humble Bundle Mojam 2 (pay what you want and help charity) for some awesome games for mac/windows/linux for just about 6 dls a pack of 5 games... Go ubuntu
  5. EDIT: Okay, well after searching for a bit I found many similar models... better check before you buy but I think this one is the one... Amazon.com: Panasonic UJ-141 Blu-Ray Combo BD-ROM DVD writer Bare Drive: Computers & Accessories
  6. Its very easy to check, simply use a program to find the type of drive you have, then search for it online and check the specs. There should be height, weight, width and everything you need to be able to compare it to other drives and check that it fits. For Example: My drive is HL-DT-ST- DVDRAM GT51N after searching around I found this HL Data Storage GT51N Super Multi DVD ReWriter Laptop Notebook SATA dvdrw drive | eBay and what do you know... my drive is exaclty that measurements...so with this now I can be SURE it will fit
  7. Yes, read the first post... - - - Updated - - - This mod overclocks the Graphics card, not the processor... and with intel boost you should be getting 3.3 or 3.4 Did you even read the instructions I left at page 20 or something? it tells you to do something in specific to get it to work because currently it does not. You just have to follow some 4 other steps to overclock
  8. Look, I had this problem also... you have to 1. Open Command Prompt as admin 2. travel using "cd" to the location of the fptw64.exe (travel to the folder) 3. Open backup.bat with a text editor 4. Copy the text to your terminal with ftpw64.exe before (as in "fptw64.exe -D -BIOS newBios etc...") 5. Enjoy your backup this also happens with the flash.bat, so do the same with that one, just copy what is in the flash.bat into terminal once you navigate to your fptw64 folder
  9. Depends on your location, for latin america you could try mercado libre or at any distributor at your local city. Whats the country you wish to send it? maybe a simple google search with the name of the device and your country could bring something up
  10. haby001

    Asus Covers

    Yeah, the best "covers" I found were merely skins for the laptop... These do bring a small amount of protection but I was looking more of a hard case or rubber corner addons..
  11. I just installed the modded bios and it works perfectly! just one thought... When I run the bat files with admin, an error message occurs, this is because when you run the .bat with admin powers the starting point is windows/system32 where the files are in another folder... I had to move to the folder where the files were for it to work. Besides that, works like a charm!
  12. Hi again guys, I just found out that you can change the stock cd drive to a blu ray drive on the Asus g75vw, and maybe others (depending on the size of your drive). But here is the link to the drive that I found compatible, I will order it sometime soon and post a full review and how-to later on.... SHIP Worldwide New Panasonic UJ 240 Slim Laptop Blu Ray Burner Drive New | eBay
  13. haby001

    Asus Covers

    Hey there! I am currently looking for a cover for my G75VW... Its a really nice design but I dont want it to get scratched or anything. Being a computer not that sold and compatible (design-wise) as the Macbooks, I guess there aren't any premade or in mass production, but is there any custom made? or a plastic cover for the corners or anything? Any help is extremely useful (I know there are skin and custom made skins). P.D. I'm sorry if I ask too many questions but I really have a lot of questions about my asus!
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