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  1. So, does anyone know how to do this? I want to overclock to increase my speed. My OS is the stable version of Debian (Debian 6 Squeeze) for a lot of reasons unrelated to overclocking; upgrading to a beta version isn't what I'm looking for, I'd like to overclock.
  2. Hi, This forum is amazing. I'm a noob here and I was so impressed I bought the elite membership immediately. I'm having a big issue though, which is that I can't get this overclocking .exe's to run in wine (Windows virtualization). Is there a way to max the m14x unlocked bios for a08 work in linux? Thanks in advance!
  3. In my case it will go to sleep but it won't wake back up I also have Debian tho, so that may be a factor
  4. It's a close call but I've heard more positive things about nvidia, other than for encoding, which is AMD's strength AMD vs Nvidia: 10 Videocards Go Head-to-Head | Maximum PC
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