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  1. So, I see ALOT of posts about MSi (Clevo & Sager) and issues with UEFI and Linux. My MSi came and I could not be happier. Went into BIOS by hitting delete. Disabled UEFI and Fast Boot, enabled Legacy. Changed boot order to boot off DVDR. Booted DVD and as expected, got a black screen. No biggie. Rebooted again and during bootup, hit the tab key and was able to edit grub. Replaced "quite splash" with "nomodeset" hit enter and live DVD ran. Got to desktop. Clicked on "install" on the desktop DVD icon. Drawer popped open, removed DVD and hit enter. Laptop started back up, got black screen again. Hit Tab key, once again replaced "quiet splash" with "nomodeset". Went right to desktop. Installed all the updates, appx. 287of them. Thinking everything would now be fine, I rebooted. Nope. Black screen again. Hit tab key, again replaced "quite splash" with "nomodeset". Got desktop again. Now I seem to be running in "software rendering mode" and cpus are just humming away all at 50%. Also had a pop-up stating Cinnamon had crashed. Tried to restart Cinnamon and no go. Not good. Dont panick. Checked to see what drivers were installed and what was available. Nuveau or nVidia. Nuveau was installed. In doing resaearch I had noticed someone had fixed this issue by installing Mate. So, I installed mate, mate-desktop and all the dependencies. Logged out, and then logged back in. Now Cinnamon works as should and all is good. Went into Synaptic and installed nuveau-bumblebee. Everything works as should. All the FN keys, everything. Power button glows orange upon bootup to let me know nuveau is present and working, then returns to white. A few tweaks here and there, such as no "sound events" for system beeps, but was an easy fix. sudo apt-get install deconf-editor. Went to org>system>sounds, put check in box for sound events. Voila. \o/ The first few times of rebooting for some reason I had to hit the tab key or would still go to black screen, but did not have to edit anything. After the first few times, it corrected intself and boots normally now. Even installed a bumblebee applet that lets you manage nVidia from there and open certain apps with it . All the buttons across the top of the laptop work as expected. All FN keys work as expected. My only hope is that I can somehow get the laptop keyboard LEDs to change off the default blue. This MSi is a rock solid machine. Quite, fast! No heating issues. I am SO happy!!!
  2. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Build went fine. Followed instructions to the T. When I ran the last command, got this:demented msi-klm # node server.js Went back to terminal and nothing happened. Keyboard stayed the default color of blue. Any ideas? Here's a pastee of everything I did: MSi LED manager forLinux - Pastebin.com Thanks
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