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  1. Upon trying to install (k)ubuntu, and possibly other Linux distributions, you may find that your installation stalls with a blank screen. I'm posting this here rather than in Linux section because it's specific to this make and/or model, but I've seen other posts with issues getting past install. The trick to getting the desktop install to boot completely to the GUI is to enable legacy boot in the BIOS (still allowing UEFI), as well as removing your 2nd GPU card during install. Once you have the system installed, reboot and install the real nvidia drivers, shut down your system, re-insert your 2nd GPU and you're all set. I'm not exactly sure why the legacy option has to be enabled even when you're using EFI, but it seems to have something to do with the way the graphics are set up during POST.
  2. Have you tried Crisis recovery? LENOVO BIOS RECOVERY - Lenovo Community
  3. I do a large portion of the Laptop repair in my town. What I find funny is that I have near zero Acer machines to repair, regardless of the fact that they're sold by the ton at Wal-Mart, which is pretty much the only game in town to get laptops and that's what most people around here do. The only time I ever work on Acers is to replace broken keyboards and screens, which are simply user abuse issues. HP, on the other hand, I have to replace so many LCD cables, and with Toshiba it's screen hinges. My last laptop was an Acer 5742G which my girlfriend is now using. Prior to that she had an old Acer. Her brother has an Acer. Her mother has an Acer. My mother has an Acer. Several of my friends all have Acers and not a problem with any of them. In fact pretty much everyone I know has one. They also seem to be extremely easy to work on when something does get broken. LCD replacements on Acers are a breeze.
  4. For anyone looking for a whitelist fix who may have come across the claim that the list applies only to the WLAN slot and not a secondary mini PCI, as I did on a couple pages, let me verify this for you: Connecting a wifi card to the second mini PCI slot in the Y500 does not work. The card is simply not recognized at all. You will require the modified BIOS which removes the whitelist requirement.
  5. I'm at a loss here. I got a new wireless card today and found out about the whitelist issue. This site is the only one having a fix for the issue, only I can not download anything until I make 5 posts/comments. WTF am I going to comment or post about until I become part of the modding community by modding? lol This catch 22 has me at a loss. I would love to contribute, but what do I have to offer prior to modding?
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