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  1. Is anyone on here using a 680M (or two) with any Linux distro successfully? If so, I would greatly appreciate knowing your driver version and maybe your xorg config. Thanks to everyone, and as always, have a great one, -TCH
  2. Mostly just the BIOS, but there are also different quantities of VRAM for many of them. If you are looking to switch, also make sure you are careful about the position of the GPU itself and memory chips on the card so that your cooling will line up. I do not think those things are necessarily consistent in the MXM standard. Also make sure you are in fact using the same MXM standard. Have a great one, -TCH
  3. I will say that my Clevo P370EM-3 is still fantastic. It uses the 3 series processors, but can hold at least up to 32gb (if not 64 with modern chips), has several drive bays, and twin MXM 3.0b slots. It even supports SLI/Crossfire. Nvidia 3d vision works as well, fwiw. Battery life isn't even that terrible at about 4 hours for most things. If you can find one, I highly recommend it. I have a pair of 680Ms in mine, but I know it can go to at least 980s. The only real downsides are weight and lack of power saving features, but let's face it - if you are looking into such a beast portability is probably a secondary concern. Have a great one, -TCH
  4. Hello all I have a Clevo P370EM3 laptop with a pair of GTX 680Ms in SLI mode and have never been able to get Linux to work properly with full acceleration and without tearing. I have tried every xorg config I can find, and even all the modifications from the nvidia configurator to no avail. Has anyone been able to get these things to work 100% in Linux? I have typically used ubuntu based distros, including Mint, and every available driver version from the repositories, but can never get it to work quite right. Thanks for any help anyone can provide. It is killing me to run Windows on this machine because of these issues, and I am almost to the point of installing the inferior 7970 cards. Have a great day -TCH
  5. If not, does anyone have any success in reducing tearing and 2D acceleration issues using these chips, particularly in SLI mode on linux? I have used these boards for years in many operating systems and these performance issues are the only reason my favorite OS is not powering my P370EM3 full time. Thanks -TCH
  6. Does anyone know if this bios resolves any of the tearing issues on keplar chips with the linux drivers? Thanks -TCH
  7. So, I understand I must have 5 quality posts. What exactly qualifies a post as 'quality'? It kind of seems like this system is just asking people to create several posts without any motivation but to get the file they need. Thanks for your time -TCH
  8. Just trying to download the VBios packs for the 680M on my Clevo. Thanks for hosting the file, but in the future could the admins please put a more useful comment on the popup about the failure to download? Thanks -TCH
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