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  1. ive got the 512gb samsung 840 pro. sick ssd
  2. can anyone take a quick peek for me into this unlocked bios and see if theres an option to disable battery charging? thanks in advance!
  3. does this bios let you disable battery charging in the bios? i liked being able to do that on my r1, so that I could leave my battery at about 50% and extend its battery life.....can anyone confirm?
  4. flashed to bios a05 from the dell website, and my installed new gpu drivers, but instability on the ssd is worse then ever....
  5. After flashing to the modded bios, my graphics card was no longer detected. I tried deleting all nvidia programs and files and reinstalling new drivers, but still not detected. any help would be much appreciated!
  6. i was using AS SSD but it wont run tests anymore. might be because i uninstalled RST?? no idea
  7. ahhh yes my fault. I assumed the r2 had similar issues. my bad
  8. i will likely stick with windows 7, unless windows 8 shows features that make it a necessity
  9. the issue with sata 3 not being supported. Some people report the a08 bios mod doesnt work for them, so i was curious to see if dell possibly snuck some sort of sata update in one of the more recent firmwares. I highly doubt it since its not in the patch notes, but its worth checking. my sata 2 speeds on the m14x with bios a06 are horrendous...
  10. tmaxx123

    Repasting jobs

    I have good core temps with the stock paste....whats the recommended life span of this stock paste job? i hear they start to degrade after a few years?
  11. i wonder if this bios a11 could possibly fix the sata3 issue??
  12. will be running the modded a08 bios with my 840 pro to see if this changes anything from my previous a06 bios giving me sata2 speeds
  13. this would be a great solution to all the ssd issues people are having....
  14. i have an 840 pro ssd, ill let you know if i notice any difference after bios a08
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