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  1. Nice Guide Bro, Good tip on the network card driver. I will give it a try, mine sucks!!
  2. Hey, I had dell`s tech over to clean my fins and fan... Any way to do that without tearing the whole computer a part ?? Like, did you guys ever used those keyboard air spread on the vent/fan to see if works? I`m thinking of getting one...
  3. I got mine from ebay.... There are some other websites that sell these, buy the price is much higher... I'm using OCZ Agility 3 with the lastes firmware update, runs sata 3 fine on Bios A05 or lower. No BSOD at all.
  4. Hey Everyone, Fist Thing I did not like is the fact that we cannot use it in our next PC... I mean, because its an upgrade for the current version of Win. Did anyone made updates? What are your impressions so far? Is it worth? PS: I dont know if we can use that, but I heard that the Win8 Brazilian Offical Site, sells it cheaper...
  5. Mehtaparth94 The easiest way I found is to download directly from a torrent, using a keywords search like: "VMWare MAC OS" There will be shown a many. I Also suggest you to purchase both VMware and MacOsLion. So you are as close as legal it gets. (Both are very cheap.) I Suggest VMware, I`ve tested Virtual Box and seems to run better on VMware. Regards! PS: I use it Mac Os to work, and some applications exist only for Mac Os.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new to this Forum. ;D The ideia here is to create a Guide on how to install Mac Os Lion 10.8 Dual Boot with Win7 on M14X (rev.1). This is how far a went... Well, I'm trying to get MAC OS to run in different boot Partition. Have anyone acquired that successfully ? (It need to be in a different partion, a fresh install, cause on a virtual Machine some apps wont work.) My Specs are: I7 - GT555M SSD on main HD bay HDD on caddy under DVD bay. So only USB Bootable for me. Here is I'm at: With Niresh's File: I'm using a version of Niresh pre-made iso, with many fixes. (Niresh12495-OSX-10.8-USB). BUT, I'm still unable to get to Install 1st screen. With UniBeast: With Unibeast, and adding Kext files chaging USB and External Divices, and many other using Multibeast BEFORE Installing, I was able to get the installation running. Booting with -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No BUT, always get an error at about 15mim of files been copied the MACOS Partition. All right, if anyone have done this before, could you help me out please.
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