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  1. Commy1

    New design

    I really like them. They're not comparable to other brands, the only thing I'd love to see is more Aluminum in the cases. An aluminum M14x, or a front plate, or something. Maybe someone will come out with a custom M14x case mod for purchase.. Mmmm engraved aluminum *drool*
  2. Why do you want an 11" laptop though? I mean the M14x is perfectly sized. You can carry it around easily, it's twice as powerful as the M11x, you're not squinting at the screen to read, it has better cooling... I didn't want a desktop replacement sized laptop, I wanted a laptop and the 14" is perfect.
  3. Did you make sure to plug the ribbon in tightly? I haven't had problem and I'm doing the exact same thing you are. The optical ribbon + port is flimsy, it may have come loose?
  4. Sata 6? Does anything aside from the most advances machines in the world support sata6? What are you doing that would required GB's a second?
  5. Commy1

    Just ordered.

    I hope you like it. But what I wish I had done is ordered a system with higher un-upgradable specs. Example, I'm considering buying the Corsair Vengence 16gb @ 1600mhz for 98$ from newegg.ca I also removed my Optical Bay and put in an HD caddy, placing my default HDD in it and replacing my standard with the OCZ Vertex SATA 3.
  6. Commy1

    Repasting jobs

    So who out there has taken the initiative and scrapped the toothpaste off their CPU's and GPU's? I did mine a couple of months ago, replacing it with Arctic Silver 5, because I couldn't get ahold of IC Diamond cheaply in Canada.. I have great temps and even better since I turned off Turbo. CPU maxing at 75-80 under 100% load, GPU running unoverclocked at 45-49. OC'd to 700mhz up to 70. I really wish they would come up with a better way of handling the heat. The copper heat pipes seem extremely inefficient thought I can't see any other way myself, but I'm not the smart inventor guy.
  7. I have disabled Turbo and I top at 80 even after a repaste job with Artic Silver 5. I notice basically no drop in frames.
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