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  1. What is the difference between windows 7 home premium(I have that) and windows 7 pro? Do you prefer one of them? I'm reinstalling sson, Would you suggest me to go with pro or just leave the original home premium?
  2. You know that it was sold with SSD (as option though) Anyhow I can hardly think of a use for 16GB ram on R1, your processor or video card will limit you before you even start using more then 8 GB ram. though if someone have any proof that 16GB can boost M14x R1 performance, I will be the first to buy it
  3. Hello, i'm planning to upgrade my m14x with intel 520 series SSD (240GB) And I have some questions, 1) Will the ssd work? is it compatible? 2) I have seen the thread about the A08 fixed BIOS, wil they work with this SSD and will I feel the difference? 3) should i re-install windows from the original CD? I have windows 7 home premium, and im perfectly fine with it, I just want to know if I'll have some sort of performance boost from, lets say, windows 7 pro. 4) I understand that the first thing after installing windows, I should uninstall Intel rapid storage utility, is that right? Hope evrything will go ok and ill post some performance tests after that, If you have some more advices I'll be happy to know, was trying to get through the posts but there are so much technical data that i dont understand, so Im asking here again. Im mainly use my PC for stuff like solidworks, mathematica and all sorts of other engineering programs (I'm a student).. Other students say that it's funny that I bought a gaming PC for studies, but when they see my 3 years old laptop running solidworks better then their new PCs, it's worth it Thank you in advance.
  4. I can hardly believe that you will be able to use 16GB ram on your m14x r1, You'll see the 16GB in your control panel for sure, but it will probably be useless. I was thinkin about installing 16GB as well, but then some one asked me why do I need it.. and actually I think I dont, i'm using solidworks and mathematica and they run perfectly
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