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  1. Cyberpunk is the one we have been waiting for!!! only couple months to go boys! Hope it won't dissapoint. Just finished control, splendid game, every game should have it's physics.
  2. chrisssj2

    Witcher 3

    I am doubting to play this game on Switch handheld or with the new raytracing on my RTX 3080. Choices, choices what should I do?
  3. So some people claim that 1080p and 1440p have some cpu bottlenecking for the 3080/3090. My question is however, does this still count when you are using DLSS, which has the internal resolution for 1080p/1440p but upscaled to 4k? Since people say at 4k you have no issues with cpu bottnecking. I am curious to know if this counts for DLSS 4k too. (performance/balanced/quality mode)
  4. Is anyone experienced with editing video bios? I need to underclock my 980m since I am experiencing some hardware problem which I am not able solve. Underclocking is my last go to. I can underclock my voltages a bit with nvidia inspector which seems to help a bit. But no software allows me to undervolt. Can anyone help me? I extracted my bios with maxwell II bios tweaker. But I have no idea what I should change to achieve my desired result.
  5. Trying to download Nvidia GTX 980m - 'OC edition' rev0.zip But it says I can't download it...
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