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  1. Wujtas

    Diablo 3

    Blizzard has just announced that in march 2014 they will remove auction house from the game. Im looking forward for expansion (REAPER OF SOUL) and LOOT 2.0 cause gear that we can fing is too simple and repetitive
  2. Wujtas

    Laptop Cooling Pad

    Maybe try to clen your fans from dust by using compressed airs and vacum. You can try repasting cpu and gpu. And finnaly cooling pad. Dont buy cheap colling pad cause they are not working. Friend of mine is using zelman nc1300 and achive 4 to 7 celcius degrees less on his cpu and gpu.
  3. Wujtas

    Witcher 3

    I didnt noticed a topic about new Witcher, but im thinking that i could find few fans on this forum. At this moment develpers (CDP RED), are trying to figure out how to implement new OPEN world in Witcher3 which probably will be 3 times bigger than that what we could see in Skryim. Moreover wold will be full of quest thaks to qest per pixel matter. I cannot wait
  4. Wujtas


    Game is great. I play it one on my old laptop and now i want to give it a try again on lenovo y500. This time im gonna try different way to pass through guards
  5. Wujtas

    Far Cry 3

    Game have problems with SLI cards (i have 650m SLI). I think that FarCry 3 isnt good optimized couse i have big microstuttering that i dont have in Crysis 3.
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