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  1. Well, there is a tradeoff. The y510p has a very decent core processor, which is still very competitive despite the computer being 4 years old. Its weak point is mainly the video processing unit. With this mod, you pay the price of mobility and ends up with a very good desktop gaming pc. So if you need the mobility with better gpu, by all means buy a new laptop (it will cost about 4-10 times more than the 300 eur) If gaming is made in the comfort of your home, i think this adapter is a very good compromise.
  2. Hi Geralt, I just saw that you finished the adapters. I will place my order soon, keep one for me =] Cheers!
  3. Registered there. I will take down my old doodle then (or do you want to keep it for your records?)
  4. nevermind, i managed to make the dos sik using the post of sypchik!
  5. Thanks, will do. Just another question though: I am trying to create the booteable USB drive (its a 8GB USB stick), as instructed in page 1. However, i keep getting an error saying that the disk is read write protected, wven though i already entered diskpart and makde sure it is not (and even formatted it uwing windows... Any toughts?
  6. Hello All. I have a question: I need to repaste my laptop. To clean the old thermal paste, i went to the pharmacy and bought an acohol solution with 78% alcoohol (highest content they had). However, the same solution is also 2% salicilic acid. There are no other components in the solution (except 20% water). Can i usr it to clean the CPU anyway? Thanks!
  7. I am using 3.08 bios and ive tried reflasing for 3.05 to follow the steps shown here. However, i am having some trouble downgrading my bios. Everytime i run tge program it tells me that i have a newer bios version installled...
  8. I can understand his side. In any case, the layout of the PCB is not overly complicated. It is just the hassle of designing it and figuring out what goes where that I'd like to avoid. Truth be told, I would very much rather purchase the adaptor/schematic from gerard rather than building it myself. And you don't have to destroy your GPU to get the connector. You can either buy any ultrabay adaptor (for, say, a hard disk or a CD drive) from ebay and remove that connector instead. If you can find a supplier close to you (pretty sure in asia there should be a shitload of dealers with some stock), the part number of the connector is 2199015-1. Cheers,
  9. Very well. I think this adapter is really a good life extension of this notebook and I am interested in one. I started a doodle so all interested people should sign it (so we can have a number of interested people for the dev. to decide if he want to make more of them). If Gerard is not interested in making a new pcb batch, i'd like to know if he could share/sell the PCB schematic so I could make my own without much trial and error. Here is the link for the doodle below. Please put your username there. http://doodle.com/poll/we7phzidv3vyqfkh#table
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