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  1. krystian5559

    Asus G751JT vBios

  2. krystian5559

    Fully unlocked GTX 970m vbios

    Anyone can help me please???
  3. Hi everyone, i'm looking for a vbios mod for my Asus rog g751jt equipped with a GTX 970m 3gb, in the past i used the mod from Prema but unfortunally i lost it... If anyone can help me or have a copy of it i will be very grateful if you send me it... @Klem is also very welcome.
  4. krystian5559

    Fully unlocked GTX 970m vbios

    @Klem any news about my request for my vBios?
  5. krystian5559

    Asus G751JT vBios

    Hi, i'm searching for a fully unlocked vBios for my Asus G751JT (gtx 970m 3Gb) if is that possible.
  6. krystian5559

    Fully unlocked GTX 970m vbios

    Hi,anyone has a vbios mod for Asus G751JT?
  7. So can someone help me with this vbios for my Asus G751JT?
  8. Hi @Klem, as i see Prema is not associated anymore with this forum so his mod for my Asus G751JT with gtx 970m 3GB is gone, can i have a copy of it or can u send me one please?
  9. External graphics crads usulally use Thunderbolt 3 to connect with another device but many users use expresscard or mPCIe slots, first of all look what connetor uses the grapichs card that you want to buy so you will be not surprised that you can't connect it to your laptop!
  10. Prema is not avaible at the momemnt as i see but i think u can find a bios and vbios on this forum, just search in the threads, another option is to do a request to any of the modders
  11. krystian5559

    Throttling issues w/ 980m

    TDP throttle is a common issue on laptops, it's a vbios and laptop itself problem, when your card reaches a power limit it will throttle down in order to go down with temps... A solution can be a modded vbios.
  12. krystian5559

    Cleaning CPU before repasting

    Ethyl alcohol is the way to go, just put some liquid on a paper towel and remove the old paste nice and easy, remeber to be carefull when touching other components!
  13. krystian5559

    Is it possible to disable thermal throttling?

    In this case the best option is to replace the cooling system, you can buy used fans at very low prices, any other possibilities are pretty much useless in my opinion
  14. krystian5559

    Opinions for a notebook

    It's a good laptop and the price is pretty nice, however it has some cons like only HD and no 4k and 17 inches, a big screen can be a problem if you want mobility.
  15. @intimidating big guy I have seen many users reporting TDP throttling, maybe it's something related to the drivers? Maybe Nvidia is a factor

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