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  1. Hi! I'm trying to mod an Inspiron 5520, but FITC corrupts the ME region (when comparing in HEX editor with original file, there are many different parts), and after flashing it the laptop doesn't boot, I have to reflash with external programmer. Steps I've followed to do the mod: - Downloaded latest FITC for ME 8, version - Opened dump or ME region in FITC - Changed the value under ICC profiles - Build -> Build Image option - And then used the files from Build folder, the laptop gets in bricked state after a restart (or doesn't even boot if flashing the files with external programmer) Tried to open Build/Int/ files again with FITC and use the outimage/Decomp ones, same problem. Also I have tried to modify the entire BIOS file and modify only the ME region which is extracted with FPTW64. FITC downloaded from first post makes identical files with What did I do wrong?
  2. As the title says, i want to kill thermal throttling, and force CPU & IGP to max clock. My problem is the microlags in games in every 2 seconds, because the chip goes 85℃. The stock fan is died, but i made some cooling for it. I don't really care about hardware damage, just want to do things without lags for some time. The CPU is I3 2310M, with InsydeH2O BIOS.
  3. Tried your solution, same problem, won't post, just running fan with black screen. It has InsydeH2O bios. I think if i overclock, the performance won't increase too much on a laptop, so i give up, thanks for help. Voltage changing is impossible, the stability is more important than +2-4FPS in games... :/
  4. Yes, i have tried this, just the simple way, so 0x00011A33 in little endian format is 00 33 1A 01, 0x00011A34 is 00 34 1A 01... HxD finds two 00 33 1A 01 in it, have tried editing first, second, and both, still won't post when flash... Opening the edited file in FITC, it shows the change from 0x00011A33 to 0x00011A34 when i change the second at position 27C89. I give this up, IGP overclock is impossible, CPU is not important for me. meorig.bin
  5. If i edit the BIOS image with hex editor, then flash the file with SPI, the laptop simply won't post, no picture, just running fan... I think this is impossible.
  6. Can someone help me? I just need IGP overclock.
  7. I have tested, its working. And.. How to edit the ME firmware? FITC creates a corrupt image. Also i have unlocked the BIOS, so i can read/write all regions. Edit: I have tried to replace 00 33 1A 01 with 00 34 1A 01 in BIOS file with a hex editor, and flashed it with SPI, the laptop won't post. So i will give up overclocking CPU. Can i OC the IGP some way? And how can i patch the DSDT in BIOS?
  8. I have a laptop with Intel HM65 PCH, I3 2310M CPU, so Sandy Bridge. In OSX, there is a Kernel Extension which controls the backlight. https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Intel-Backlight Brightness problem solved with DSDT edit. Can i replace DSDT in my laptop's BIOS with the edited one?
  9. I have changed the setting with older version, and it corrupted the image. Can i do it with a hex editor? And some questions: Its possible to increase brightness steps, and set the brightness below minimum? It can be done under OSX (hackintosh). If i do this mod, can i change the CPU voltage, and can i overclock the IGP? How to bypass the TDP limits? Can i change the fan speed control method? And... How to unlock ME firmware on Acer laptops? Thanks for reply! Edit: I have a BIOS setting named "ME FW Image Reflash". When i set it to enable, Windows won't boot, just the spinning circle. I have Windows 10 Pro x64.
  10. Hi! I can't open the BIOS dump with FITC, it gives me error: Error loading firmware version Major number of firmware image must be at least 8. What can i do with it? I have a laptop with HM65 PCH.

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