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  1. Hello from india i have a y510p and this site has some info on tweaking to improve my laptop's longevity and relevance.
  2. i have 6 games too. and i play 2 i.e. dota and paladins
  3. saear1

    New Monitor

    I'll list some monitors ( some of them aren't yet released ) viewsonic xg2401 AOC g2590px asus vg258q
  4. saear1

    Best gaming laptop

    Currently acer predator 300 helios is a good one which recently went on discount. its about 900-1100$
  5. saear1

    GTX 1050TI (LP) Cooling issue

    Some People draw the line for high temps at 80s to 90s under max load. you have a custom build. maybe you can try and check the airflow or mod the GPU if it is a FE
  6. saear1

    Is the GT650M still decent?

    Hi, i have a lenovo y510p which has GT 755M. the card can run games on 2018 but on low graphics and has high temps(because of the laptop maybe) so i am guessing your GPU is going to be even worse for gaming in 2018. if your aim is to game, i would recommend that you build a PC or try to setup an e-gpu

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