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  1. No, the Node is currently on an 83 chipset, which does not need to be hacked to be Mac compatible. However, Apple is still blocking eGPUs with their own method. Devices with an 82 chip are hackable, like the Razer Core. I don't know what the future will entail, but currently for all devices that work on Mac through TB3 Enabler because it has an 82 chip, will have to be changed to 83 chip.
  2. The link you messaged me refers to the Thunder3 PCIe Box, which currently would work as an with the TB3 Enabler (kext hack) [DISCLAIMER: AKiTiO does not condone this]. The same method does not work with our Node because our Node is using a TI-83 chipset while the Thunder3 PCIe Box is using the TI-82 chipset.
  3. Apple hasn't changed anything on their end and we're not allowed to change anything on our end either... so... no. No good news yet. Still no support for MacOS even with the enabler. :'( Thank you @ld0891 for the benchmarks. Yeah we know about that little design flaw with the pin connector. I already pointed it out to the team, so I'm hoping that get's fixed in the second wave of production. Reason I haven't provided any benchmarks yet is because the the models that are currently being sold in China/Taiwan are the first wave of production. The second wave of production has a slightly different PSU. Different PSU may mean different voltage outputs. Every little factor counts, so I want to wait before releasing any benchmarks. :'(
  4. No good news yet for '16 MBPs. We're just as far into it as everyone else here. A kext edit can get the Core to sort-of work (not very well) because they have a TI82 chip, but looks like Apple is somehow completely blocking our Node because we have a TI83 chip. We're still working hard on a work-around, but unfortunately, until Apple and other PC manufacturers make some changes to their hardware & OS, our currently only CONFIRMED supported computers are the Skull Canyon and Razer Blade. Still working hard hoping things will change. Have faith.
  5. How did you get your core to work? Can't get mine to work. Still stuck on the Error Code 12.
  6. Those were Vods from when I was testing out a new stream set-up I'm trying to work with here at the office. Forgot to change the stream title, but both VODS are stream testing. Stream rig not very high-end. Will be upgrading some stuff (like our internet connection X_X) Benchmarks will be delayed. Been working on other tests ever since Apple released their MBPs. Sorry for the delays.
  7. We still haven't received our MBPs yet nor the adapter. Still waiting waiting waiting waiting. EDIT// Looks like it may be a week or more till we get our new toys. Crying right now.
  8. We were able to get our hands on the new MBP for a limited amount of time. Still waiting on our order to arrive. In the amount of time we were able to test it, we got a good connection with macOS Sierra. We connected the Razer Core and got an "Unsupported Device". That's all we were able to do for now. More info to come later when we get the higher-end models in the lab.
  9. Sorry couldn't! Was having problems with the streaming software. The points we went over though were: Dimensions are a bit bigger than Razer Core to allow GPUs with more RAM to fit, such as the MSI GTX 1080 8G (which does not fit in a Razer Core.) we're working on EU stock. price we're looking at under 300.
  10. Heck yeah. Going to set-up a webcam to show off the Skull Canyon and Node working together. Good question. Yeah, there's some overhead from Thunderbolt, so there will be a hit on performance. But a GPU working at 80-90% is still better than an integrated or embedded GPU.
  11. The Node will be available outside of the US, we just don't know when. We predict we will be in the same situation as Razer, but I will try my best to work with the team to get some out to EU. Again, not sure when. I'm hoping we can get them in EU by early 2017. I know we got a big EU community, so I won't forget you guys.
  12. Not yet. We will probably be sending our Node to Dell for testing and validation though.
  13. @rene_canlas @bloodhawk Yes, currently it is a 5V/3A Power Delivery spec. However, it is not yet finalized. This is why I mentioned earlier, it may or may not charge some laptops due to the laptop's spec. Razer's Core has a 100W Power Delivery spec, but can't charge some laptops because of the laptop's spec. @errin @Morv Thanks for the info. I myself use one for keyboard, mouse and headset and occasionally one for a flash drive. On my desktop case, I have 2 USB ports in the front, which is no where near enough (i like plugging my peripherals in the front so i can easily unplug them and bring them with me to work.) So I bought a cheap USB 3 hub to plug in all my peripherals. I was thinking of the same solution in the case our enclosure won't have RJ45 or USB ports. We're trying to strive for the most basic solution at a way cheaper cost than our competitors.
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