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  1. GTA IV (2008) Very High (all to MAX) +SMAA with ENB mod and textures mods + car mods with 1680x1050 I can play the game with 30-35 FPS on my retina display... The best story in game for me, and after 9 years finally i can run it to the max, its look great with all mods - REPLAY!
  2. @Awesome Don't use climbshell mode on Windows! On Windows Macbook is always hot
  3. Hitman (2016) DX12 Ultra (all to MAX) +SMAA with 1680x1050 I can play the game with 30-35 FPS on my retina display...
  4. Its great that you make the same setup What is your laptop model ? I just update my NVIDIA Drivers via Geforce Experience - with the latest one - 378.66, works great!
  5. Hi 1050, 1060, 1070 and 1080 don't have a driver for macOS, you can run only on Windows without problems!
  6. Forza Horizon 3 Ultra (all to MAX) + 4xMSAA with 1680x1050 I can play the game with 30-35 FPS on my retina display...
  7. GTA V Ultra (all to MAX) + 8xMSAA with 1680x1050 I can play the game with 30-35 FPS on my retina display...
  8. Yes you must clean the fans and install https://www.crystalidea.com/macs-fan-control and set Left and Right fan to the max when you gaming For that reason you have so small points because you have Min FPS of 7.7 - overheating and bottleneck for sure, you can see that i have Min FPS of 19.8 for example on External monitor! Clean the dust and run the setup again with Macs Fan Control to the max
  9. @marcellom I'am very happy for your eGPU setup, I don't try Arma 3, but i can run all games from my library with Very High/Ultra + AA settings (i also played and tested more games but i deleted them when i complete them or not played them). You can also set in your NVIDIA Control Panel: Maximum pre-rendered frames to 1 Powered managent mode to Prefer max. performance Multi Display/mixed-GPU accelaration to Maximum display performance mode Vertical-Sync to ON Also in Power Option set to High Performance not Balanced! I also have problems before done this settings with some games, after that no problems with all games new or old heavy games
  10. After month with my AKITIO Thunder2 feat. EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC 6GB eGPU setup I can confirm that this is the best way to turn your OLD Macbook in gaming Laptop. I can play all games - FULL HD / 60 FPS (all to MAX + AA) on External Display I can play all games - 1680x1050 / 30-40 FPS (all to MAX + AA) on my Internal Reitna Display enjoy
  11. @Awesome Sorry i dont know the size of the Akitio fan, you can replace it later when your Akitio come. If you follow my DA2 soldering picture you cant make mistakes, its easy.
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