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  1. So, the real question are: -Why does Bizon-box supposedly works flawlessly, and not the others? - Is there something that can be done to make others work on OSX? I think we will have to see a Bizon TB3 working in real life
  2. @goalque, I think they changed it. They say Akitio Node is not compatible and the other thunderbolt 3 devices show up as "unsupported". Bizon just released their ioverpriced ($650) solution today, claiming it works normally, plug and play, osx or bootcamp: https://bizon-tech.com/us/bizonbox3-egpu.html/
  3. Hey @fakebanana, so, you got it working on 2016 MBP with bootcamp, right? Does the I/O in the Razer Core work aswell (internet and usb)? Thanks
  4. Hi, guys! Currently, my dream setup would be the 2016 thunderbolt 3 Macbook pros + an eGPU I started this topic on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/5a4hv7/can_someone_please_connect_a_razer_core_with_the/ and another user tested the Razer Core with the new Macbook pro, it didn't work even after a few fixes: https://www.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/5a6z8s/my_experience_with_the_new_13_mbp_and_the_razer/ Have anyone around here got the 2016 MBP and an eGPU working together already? Would you help troubleshoot Razer Core problems with the new MBP? Thanks.
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