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  1. In another forums there are reports of Node working with new Macs on 10.2.2.
  2. Any update on macOS compatibility since the release of TB3 enabler?
  3. Any update? I plan to buy one and put it in a TB3 enclosure. Any suggestion?
  4. In another thread has been reported RX480 is now stable under OS X 10.12.2. i think I will buy one but still I have no clue about the best TB3 enclosure for macOS
  5. @FricoRico this is is a great news!!! Keep us updated!
  6. @MVC What solution already work? Akitio Thunder2 + TB3 TB2 adapter with Nvidia GTX 6xx or 7xx ?
  7. 13" with eGPU is the best solution imho. Light to carry, powerful at home/office thanks to eGPU... hoping some geniuses here manage to let these beasts to work with a TB3 enclosure
  8. SSD is uber fast 3GB/s GPU is faster slimmer and lighter touchbar wide color gamut is WOW faster ram http://barefeats.com/hilapmore.html
  9. Talking about CPU only. All the rest is a super upgrade imho
  10. Yeah I was running in 4K! Right now I don't have minis, but I could have one soon. Write me a PM i can't test since I don't have the mini anymore
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