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  1. Currently listening to Ariana Grande. Saw her performance with Black Eyed Peas and I instantly became a fan.
  2. Try checking ETQ and Verse as well just to have options. Anyway, I think it is a must for any company to invest in a good health and safety management software especially if its operations involves risks and hazards among the personnel who do the job. We will closely look into the best EHS software suitable for any organization.
  3. The last film I saw was Wonder Woman. I think it's a little overrated but I love how Gal Gadote fitted into this role.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Actually, our IT department suggested to get a document management system software to address the needs mentioned. Although they prefer to get a customized software that will be exclusively our, they said that it may be costly. But if we are to get a "regular" one, this may still be workable but there could be some features that we do not exactly need or lacking. Anyhow, we leave it all to our IT department.
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (7/10)
  6. We had our third ISO 9001 audit yesterday and I am really proud of our team for making it 3 years in a row with no "non-conformances" given to us. Our efforts were recognized in areas where the auditor was delighted with the extra steps we take to insure quality in our translation work and they've considered it as one of our best practice. Since the Audit Team were pleased with the advanced reporting and transparency we offer in our regulatory compliance reporting initiative we are looking for a tool that can assist us in storing various document types, can search files using individual keyword, restrict access to certain documents, track edits being made to documents and can serve as central repository for controlled documents. If you have ideas to share or recommendations to give feel free to message me or respond in here. Thank you so much in advance and have a good day
  7. Yes, our computer technician has use a thermal paste for my laptop. He called it as "Heat Paste". It is important to keep the processor cool. You can inquire about an Arctic Silver 5.
  8. The Top Gaming Laptop based on reviews in UK this 2017 are the following: 1. Asus ROG Strix GL702VM 2. Alienware 17 3. MSI GL62-6QC 065UK 4. Asus RoG GL552VW-DM201T 5. Dell Inspiron 15 7559 You just have to check to know which will be suitable for you.
  9. A telecom expense management software can be a big help to your company in terms of managing and combining your fixed , mobile telecom and wireless expenses on a single platform. Many service providers that you can check online use tools that can support an entire business processes and approaches about telecom management cycle.
  10. I watched Kubo last weekend, it is an animation about a young boy who must locate a magical suit of armor worn by his late father in order to defeat a vengeful spirit from the past.
  11. We used GoToMeeting before, it also works on mobile devices
  12. Be it a game or a movie I almost always prefer the book.
  13. How do you guys remember these details? It was so long ago that the only thing I can remember was the brand - HP.
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