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  1. Hi, i looking for witch driver's version that have the lowest power's consumption (if there is any) on my M18x R2 with nvidia GTX 675M.
  2. thevexx2

    Home Group

    you dont have to make a homegroupe to be able to play.
  3. i used my old computer as a home server, i use it to extend my internet connection, share media, and a website hoster. its running on linux ubuntu server edition 15.04, with 2 tb of storage.
  4. i only have 15 games, but ive seen someone had over 2000 games !
  5. i have the logitech G500 and i really love it, its been years using it and the only issue with them is the double click buttons, i had to tear-down the mice and clean the button thats it (~ once per 4 months )
  6. i used to play SSM on dolphin emulator with my cousins using 4 ps3 DS3 controllers. i had to go through the settings and set the buttons almost like the GC controller buttons mapping.
  7. thevexx2

    Dying Light?

    i've tried the game, buggy at 1st but it seems all fixed with DLCs, most problems occur with AMD gpus. the game have a LAN option for CO-OP game mode, also players can help each others in quests and multiplayer quests.
  8. it would be perfect with a single player story line with this gameplay !
  9. why ubisoft, its not the same gfx from 1st gameplay !
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