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  1. edit: NVM, no longer necessary, my card just behaves strangely, if custom Nvidia vbioses make your clocks stay low try to dump the vbios with GPU-Z after flashing it, 3d clocks will begin to work correctly after you power off the device normally, then power it back on. It's an odd solution, but before this my card was capped at 75w despite the BIOS specifying 115w.
  2. In all honesty at this price point I'd just get a pre-owned Alienware 13 and a graphics extender which is essentially the same thing.
  3. Given that Dell Precisions are by the same company and also take MXM GPUs, would these also work a on a Dell Precision M6600 or M6700 with similar cards?
  4. I'm impressed that even to this day, the Alienware M15x with a new GPU holds up well. I'm tempted to grab one for cheap and upgrade the gpu to a k3000m or k4000m to prove to people that powerful laptops can be affordable too.
  5. Heyy, I'm arbitrarygrill, I've got a Dell Precision M6600 which I've just upgraded from a quadro 3000m to a quadro k4000m, I'm hoping to use slv7's modded vbios to push this card even further. I managed to roughly get a 70% OC on the 3000m's core, alas it was only just good enough to play The Witcher 3 at 768p with average 30fps on lowest (textures on ultra). This seems like a wonderful, if slow forum, and I'm glad to have joined it. c:
  6. Your hard work is much appreciated slv7, my old P370EM benefited from it a lot. c: I'm going to enjoy heavily overclocking my new Dell Quadro K4000m in my Precision M6600, I switched because it's lighter, and I was sick of the loud clevo fan profiles, and I think it might be worth it when I'm done with this Quadro 3000m.
  7. arbitrarygrill

    This upgrade is possible on my notebook?

    Be sure that your notebook can handle the heat from the newer CPU, I find most can handle whatever TDP, assuming the power supply is enough watts, but cooling is a whole other matter. Also think about whether it'll have a perceivable benefit for your money, I personally find my Dell Precision M6600's i7 2720qm is more than good enough, even with a decent GPU, and so long as you have a quad core i7, the difference in fps is nearly nothing in most games. With an eGPU you will very likely see a large bottleneck from the limited bandwidth of expresscard or mPCIe than your CPU. It's up to you of course, but I'd personally recommend looking for a pre-owned Alienware M15x r2 (first gen i-series cpu), upgrade to an i7 if you already have one and find a dirt cheap Dell Quadro K4000m, or for about $100 less, a K3000m, it'll likely cost you less than this whole setup, I've found an M15xfor as low as $300AUD on ebay if it has a dead gpu (which you're going to replace yourself anyway), alternatively an P1x0HM, (or P1x0EM if you can find one for cheap) Clevo or Sager notebook, and essentially any decent cheap Clevo MXM GPU you can get your hands on (I'm unsure if a dell K4000m or k3000m would work in these machines).
  8. In all honesty I'm upgrading my Dell Precision M6600 from a fermi Quadro 3000m with a 60% overclock to a Quadro K4000m, which I hope overclocks well with slv7's modded vBIOS. I don't really see a reason to upgrade beyond that given the 3000m already runs most things at decent settings, 1080p fairly well, excluding stuff like DS3 and Witcher 3, so I'll be more than happy with the cheap, pre-owned K4000m.

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