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  1. Yes! It is possible, I've done it even. You will need a mPCIe based eGPU adapter. To use it you have to open the bottom cover and unscrew the battery, pull out the wifi card and plug the adapter into there.... then you have the fun of having the cable come out the front of the laptop at the most inconvenient angle on the planet. But! It does work. Honestly, it's far better to buy a m14xR2 motherboard (and heatsink), put it in the system, put a super awesome custom BIOS/vBIOS by @svl7 then OC the GT 650M. It's about the best performance you can get out of it for the price. It's what I did, you can see a link to it in my signature.
  2. 1. wao rood. Why are you mad? I see no reason to be mad. 2. With that GPU and a res of 900p, I'm pretty certain that's a m14xR2 (mainly cause I've had one).
  3. @themunchkinman Usually most mod stuff is made by the people who made the thread. People like svl7 and Prema do a LOT of BIOS / vBIOS work. And usually it is only hosted here. Sorry for the confusion in that regard. --- Ah, so I wasn't completely crazy. I knew how passive ones are totally fine for DP -> other digital sources. And the who DP -> VGA by use of a DAC. I was more confused about how a passive DP -> VGA even works. I know it doesn't work on all devices, but for the ones that do, is there a DAC built into the device itself allowing for analogue out? That's where my confusion crops up. Thanks for the reply! --- Khenglish ninja post:: Right.................... I think I'm just going to plug the thing in and smile that it works instead of thinking of the magic in the converter box.
  4. @themunchkinman 1. Posts in Off-Topic are totally fine, no mod approval here. Also doesn't count toward post count. Of course things that completely violate rules are deleted, mod action taken. You know about the 5 post thing which is good! Most don't. However, asking for things to be hosted elsewhere is against the rules. It's a combination of bullet point 2 and 3 under the 'Minimum Post Requirements' section in the rules. I'll contact an admin to make this point a bit more clear. 2. I've been approving your other posts, they are completely fine. Just the one was against rules. 3. And don't worry, I have nothing against you making this thread or the other post in a related topic linking to this thread (I approved that post too btw). I'm 3rd on the rung in the ladder here (super moderator and admin are the higher tier ranks). I try to take as neutral a stance as possible on anything, only giving infractions/warnings against posts / people that go against the rules. Ideally, everyone on the mod team would make the same decisions on post approval to have full sense of uniformity across the forum. Some are more strict than others however; which is fine, having varying opinions. Hope that cleared it up somewhat. Lemme know if you have any more questions, it would have to be in this thread. Can't PM until you get the 5 posts.
  5. Ep 10 is out. This is getting so intense @[email protected]
  6. Voltage at +312.5 mV ( so 1.2V ) Core set to 1271 MHz Mem at 1325 MHz Cooling completely stock, all fully assembled and such. I actually set that score during class lol........ Actually, I didn't do anything spectacular lol. I probably could've pushed it more, thermals are certainly no issue. I literally cannot make this thing go over 75C if I wanted to. And thats with hours of running it at that clock. I guess I got a good chip. Could probably be run really well 24/7 even at like 1.25V or more. I was on my 3820QM at the time, I probably should've tested once I had the 3920XM in there but oh well. As shown in sig, I have since sold it. Sooooo yeah. Look forward to @svl7 's bios/vbios
  7. Oh, looks like I forgot to post this... P3547 with 3dm11 NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3820QM Processor,Alienware M14xR2 hwbot infos here: angerthosenear`s 3DMark11 - Performance score: 3547 marks with a GeForce GT 650M
  8. Have you installed the latest Nvidia drivers? The driver for the audio is tied in with it (pretty sure). Check you audio devices in device manager and see if there is anything in there. This is my desktop, but iirc it's the same on the AW. I don't have the AW14, and sold off my m14xR2 soooooo pretty much on you to figure out sadly (or wait for another member to help ya out: Hopefully that at least gets you started. If that doesn't work try checking in the Sound - Playback devices and see if the HDMI stuff shows up there. You could try setting those as default once it's all plugged in to see if it'll force it's way to route audio out. You'll have to restart the program if you change devices or else it'll persist on the one output (your speakers). Good luck @@!
  9. At that point you might as well setup the GPU in the desktop as a vGPU. That way any device on the network could use it for graphic processing. I haven't done this personally but it would be similar to having the Steam In-Home Streaming thing. @Brian has tested this with his setup and he said it worked quite well.
  10. Until a member has 5 quality approved posts, all posts made are verified one-by-one by the admins/mods. After that point then they don't have to be manually approved (but that doesn't mean you can spam low-quality )
  11. From your end, you can't tell either way. But if it is a new post, it just means it is in queue. Turn-around is almost always under 24hrs. It is invisible to you even in queue, not sure if that can be overhauled without a complete re-work. You can assume if something did post successfully then disappeared it is in queue. If it has been a while then it may have been deleted due to not being a quality post. The mods are scattered around the world so there tends to be someone up at any given time. It takes us a bit sometimes cause things do come up (like I've been pretty sick for the past week). --- At least it appears you have read the rules unlike some other people
  12. Is there no setting in the BIOS? There has been a numlock setting in every BIOS that I've used.
  13. :looks at username:

    I think we'll make great friends.


  14. I don't like the game mechanics of it. I don't like the MC either. Reason why I like Log Horizon is the game mechanics are really well done, and the game more-or-less becomes a full new world / alternate world where you have to completely role-play to make it work. And aren't bounded so much. --- Elfen Lied <3
  15. This season is pretty interesting... Anime to watch Why (order of list is semi-important) Knights of Sidonia full well done CGI, best audio EVER (realistic noises, not that generic stuff, metal on metal sounds EXACTLY like metal on metal), even sounds good with audiophile equipment, story is very well written, no holds on sensitive matters / unnerving things (keep it at that). Just. Watch. It. I don't even like mecha things at all and I'm suggesting it heavily. Mahouka This MC is amazing. He is absurdly OP at what he does, but isn't rude or anything. He knows his limits and is VERY clever. The sister is mega annoying though, just ignore her. No Game No Life huehuehuehuehue, game competition type in an alternate world Blade and Soul based on MMO, turning out really good Black Bullet OP little girls (corrupted) that fight giant things, corruption widespread and causes said giant things M3 - Sono Kuroki Hagane dark, spoiler spoiler spoiler, dark ;D Captain Earth save the world with mecha, following in footsteps of his late father, pretty art Brynhildr in the Darkenss dubstep opening, magic girls with very very brutal restrictions, secret lab with not-so-nice research Akuma no Riddle assassin yuri girls Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin series of silly intricate puzzles to find Nanana's collection of artifacts, and find out spoiler spoiler spoiler ;D
  16. I'd search in the main DIY eGPU thread. I think there is another E6430 implementation in there. I did my crossfire test with the E6420 under Ubuntu, and normal testing under Win7: http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/5622-%5Bblog%5D-crossfire-testing.html#post82280 You'd have to look around for E6430. Do you know if you are using a MBR or UEFI/GPT install of Win8.1? Post the details in the main thread so more people can help you out.
  17. Yup! Coolio. I like how both of you have avatars with laptop+eGPU ;D......
  18. For those in the states, you can get a DA-2 for $14.99 on eBay. Not sure about other countries. Not bad for a 220W adapter @@!
  19. Yeah 150W, I don't have a Kill-a-Watt so I can't see if I'm needing a large brick to get a higher OC on my CPU (it caps out at 67W no matter the priplane / other power settings). But as long as your CPU is using 65W or less, I don't see any issues with power settings.
  20. It's very picky about the vBIOS, sometimes the GPU would completely fail to be initialized. But most of the issue was getting rid of the thermal limit and allowing the sliders for OC'ing to 1. actually work. 2. persist. 3. be on a large enough spectrum to be useful but not overly risky for new OC'ers. Flashing it isn't an issue. I changed my boot logos too so had to figure those out (didn't take long though). Not sure what the plans are, I think there were some small things that had to be done before it is released. I haven't had any issues with the current version so it's more than likely stable enough for release.
  21. The vbios is part of the main bios. You'll have to wait on a release from @svl7 about this. I was the tester for the bios/vbios, sometimes it didn't work so well ;D....
  22. This actually applies to all (probably) laptops with this bug. I've had to do this on the Fujitsu T901 and my AW m14xR2. Not sure why the bug shows up, but this is certainly the quick and easy method of fixing it. It was driving me nuts the first time this bug popped up. ;D
  23. 10000 hrs mspaint: In a more serious note, that is SO much cleaner than the PE4L series. Not to mention the lack of wobbly-ness by having the full slot connector. Has anyone done testing on the PE4L vs the EXP GDC v6? Preferably on the same slot. I found a performance difference on on the PE4L-EC060A and the PE4L-PM060A here: http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/2109-diy-egpu-experiences-%5Bversion-2-0%5D-52.html#post80638 Keep it on the same slot, cause that might've been the performance difference in my testing.
  24. You're probably hitting the limits for USB 3.0 data rate. BluRay has a pretty high bitrate, and at 24x speed, it's probably too much for USB 3.0. :googling: Looks to be max video bitrate is 40 Mbps and max data rate is 54 Mbps... so at 24x speed... that would be about 1296 Mbps. hmmm USB 3.0 maxes out at 5 Gbit/s so that doesn't quite give you an answer... Perhaps it's the program you are using to burn? Also, it's probably burning slower so it doesn't mess up / give you corruptions.
  25. Be a little careful saying this. The GT 650M has the same core as the GTX 660M and the GT 750M. Click on the GT 650M in my sig to see my hwbot submission. 1271 MHz @ 1.2V. I could probably push it a little more, but not needed. --- As a MechE student, I haven't run across anything that requires gobs of processing power. Lenovo Y-series are pretty solid. Check with the programs that you use currently / plan to use to see about hardware acceleration for stuff like CAD. Some like AMD over Nvidia and vice versa.
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