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  1. I don't see a point in upgrading to A14. it brings nothing to the table in terms of improvements. I think it would be a wast of time for @svl7 to look into.
  2. when you see C:\>... just type prr.exe then enter then type flash.bat and then enter
  3. no. the A10 was actually overclocked in the vbios by svl7. with a13, he just left it at stock clocks. you can still overclock a13 yourself.
  4. So you can confirm throttle is back with the 332 series?
  5. NO. These are BIOS files for m14x only. they are not just video bios's.
  6. i recommend IC diamond. its what i use and have been pretty happy with it.
  7. I see in the release notes they have re added boost back to the 650m. When it's on the boost powerstate, it will throttle. So I'm almost positive this driver throttles again. I will not be updating unless for some magical reason it no longer throttles on the boost powerstate and someone can post some proof.
  8. Does anyone know if the 332 driver still disables throttle at 67 C?
  9. My cpu temps dont go past 75.. try a repaste. Also can anyone confirm the 332 driver still disables the throttle?
  10. what number does it say? Ive noticed in msi afterburner and evga precision, it reports the wrong clocks (405mhz) no matter what. however in hwinfo and nvidia inspector it reports the right core clock. i think it's a bug between the driver and msi/evga apps.
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