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  1. Hi, I just joined the forum a lately and yet nowhere a new reply to anything. So I assume that this in my opinion quite interesting forum is pretty dead. Proof me wrong guys.
  2. The question is, if your are oke with paying in whole a lot more for a good mainboard than you would pay if taking an Intel CPU? Similar or even identically constructed mainboards (different socket and such ofc) costs usually up to 250€ more, if there is an AMD socket and the like on it. Furthermore are the AMD drivers for every Linux OS the pure horror. When setting up Linux as a rendering, sever, deep learning, ... farm the AMD CPU and GPU performance is usually up tp 56% lower than on Windows and in comparision with Intel and Nvidia under Linux it is around 35%. Also are the Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs missing some often quite important features and are somewhat limited by their kernel structur and build in some professional use. I really like it that AMD is on the way to become a thread to Intel CPU wise, but personally I highly suggest you to wait for the 2nd Edition or take an equivalent Intel CPU, for example a Xeon or i9.
  3. Overpriced, glued together "shit". Were once awesome, nowadays no more. They are even supposed to break after 2 years of use. Also Asus tries to earn a lot of money through repairs. Better get a Clevo or similar device. Edit: Litte tipp to save a bunch of money (calculate it before): Buy SSD/HDD, RAM, CPU (if a desktop CPU) on your own and sent it to the manufacturer of the Laptop or built it in yourself (you wont lose warranty), usually the prices for such devices are over the top when bought together with the laptop.
  4. The best possible GPU for this Dell laptop is a 1050TI suited for laptops, in other words heavily underclocked and limited in both clocks and heat. For $650 not a bad deal (don't know how much that is for you in Canada, I am from the EU), but not a good either. You could easily get a laptop better suited for gaming. On the other hand, ask yourself the question if you truly need a Laptop. I know some who thought so too, but ended up getting a Desktop PC anyways, simply because of the advantages it offers.
  5. Quality good be better, especially for their older devices. Especially their loudspeakers are of a horrible quality. And I wont even start talking about their Bios ... * However I truly love the freedom of choice, their easy to cutomize, maintanance, upgrade, change, repair, whatever. Those are not like fancy gaming laptops from MSI or worse ROG for example where everything is glued and nearly impossible to even repair. *Yesterday I installed a Samsung 970 Evo in my XMG u705 (P771ZM) and took any other HDD/SSD out. I was able to normaly install Windows 10 on it, everything just worked fine until the moment it rebooted to the fucking USB stick again! I restarted it, went into the bios just to see, that this fucking shitty bios doesn't even detect a simply M.2 SSD! And besides that, it is the cause for a ton of driver issues under anything newer than Windows 7 SP1. *raging around*
  6. Hello guys, I've no idea where to post it, so this thread seems to be the most logical one, for me at least. However here is the link with the news about their upcomming GPUs suited for gaming: https://www.pcbuildersclub.com/2018/06/arctic-sound-intel-bestaetigt-dedizierte-gaming-grafikkarte-ab-2020/
  7. Hi, I have an XMG u705 with the an í7 4790k, a Geforce GTX 980M 8GB, G-Sync Monitor, 32GB DDR3 RAM, etc. and I am damn annoyed by both the Mainboard Bios and Vbios, because both are the cause for a ton of driver issues under Windows 10. Also I can't use my lately bought Samsung 970 Evo, even though technically there should be nothing preventing it. Heck I was even able to install Windows 10 on it, because the Windows 10 installer detected it, just not the Bios which is logically why I cannot boot from it. -.- So in search of a solution, I searched the web and found out that there are several mods for both bios made by devs like Prema. Unfortunately some Bios mods I found are heavily outdated, unfinished, ... or not anywhere secure and I couldn't find any location where I could download Prema's Mods for this device, especially not on his Site (just a Subscribe banner there) or his older Wordpress site (errors). There is also nothing here under Downloads/Clevo/P77xZM. I would be really thankfull if someone could help me.
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