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  1. TIL you can go from 6pin to 8pin pci-e power to a gpu without an adapter....
  2. most of the enclosures you're going to find will be either thunderbolt, msata, and i've seen a small number of expresscard solutions, though i've not tested those. your best bet is going to be msata. likely just taking your wireless card out and using that slot. this will leave you with a ribbon cable going from inside your laptop to the egpu. hope you figure it out!
  3. Hi guys! I've been lurking over the last couple weeks regarding attempting to upgrade the gpu in my m15x, and recently did a post asking for help (though I figured the issue out on my end) and now i'm just to the point of needing the modified Vbios on these forums for overclocking this beast of a gpu (880m) is there a certain post count or such that is required? if so, am i cheating by asking this here?
  4. SUCCESS! so I hope that this is helpful to somebody in the future, but I figured it out on my own and want to possibly save somebody some heartache in the future. The card ended up working fine as soon as i flashed the DELL vbios onto the card, which was an MSI. The card is now working and all I had to do was modify the .inf file for the driver to install it. 100% working. only issue now is I need to get hold of you guys' vbios collection because there's a modded one there that allows for overclocking. i'll be paying to upgrade my account and grabbing that now. thanks guys, and if anyone else has issues with this card let me know in pm.
  5. sorry to necro the thread guys... just wanted to know how the heck you guys managed to get the 880m working on a m15x! I am on bios A9 with an MSI 880m card and i can't get it to recognize it at all. vga video output only, screen doesn't react. what did you do?
  6. Hi guys! I just recently got a used m15x (with a gt240m gpu...) and have swapped it out for a gtx880m (msi) which is not working currently. I have updated the bios to a09, and then installed the unlocked a09 bios to unlock all options to make sure something there wasn't to blame. The laptop boots and gets to windows just fine if you're plugged into a monitor via VGA, but windows does not recognize the gpu or let you install drivers for the card. Additionally, if a monitor is not plugged in the laptop screen goes white and emits one very loud beep every few minutes. Aside from this, the laptop behaves as expected. I'm having trouble finding any support online regarding this issue and was hoping that somebody here could give me a bit of a pointer on where I should look to next. as a side note, forgot to add that I originally purchased the card after finding a list of people showing off benchmark scores for different cards in the m15x, one of which was the 880m, which could be purchased cheaply online. I'm currently looking into how to flash vBIOS as it was mentioned in one of the few posts I could find on the subject, but am waiting to hear if this is the right course of action. thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!
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