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  1. I had no idea Gsync adds input lag. Guess I should just save the cash. Thanks!
  2. Many thanks! Guess it's time to invest in a gaming monitor. Do you know if its worth it to spend the extra $$$ for Gsync? Or is 144hz 1ms monitor pretty similar?
  3. Many thanks! Do you know where I can download the Windows 10 driver for the WLAN card? Bluetooth doesn't work with the generic windows 10 driver.
  4. Much thanks! Can I undervolt my CPU/GPU with this BIOS? Is this an updated version of svI7's BIOS?
  5. Hi everyone. Lenovo's Y510P driver page doesn't have any drivers for Windows 10. Where can I find updated drivers for Y510P?
  6. External GPU docks are expensive! Just wondering if it's worth the money to upgrade to an external GPU or should I just save the money towards a newer laptop.
  7. I have repasted the termal compound on my Y510P CPU and GPU but the temperature stayed the same. I also try adding washers to increase the pressure of the springs. The only other thing I haven't tried yet is reflashing my BIOS to a modded BIOS and undervolting my CPU/GPU. If only I can download the files needed. I will update after I find a way to do that.
  8. Where did you find the link? I am trying to download the files to flash my BIOS and Ultrabay. Thanks!
  9. I am trying to play CS:GO competitively. However, I find it hard to improve my aim on my 15" Laptop. Am I making excuses? Are there any successful pros playing on laptops? Thank you for your time.
  10. Thank you so much svI7!! My Y510P has been over heating. Glad to know that there is hope for it.
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