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  1. Which model? Do you know any specific? Thanks anyway.... Which model? Do you know any specific? Thanks anyway....
  2. Hi, I am searching for a used windows laptop in business category with the following specs : i5 12.5-13.3" 2 ssd for raid 0 fanless battery for at least 6 hours back-lit keyboard fingerprint sensor (optional) Any help would be appreciated!!
  3. HI again to all! I installed a non HP WWAN card, bought from ebay ($15) and works great. Just for your info, if anyone interested... I bought this one.
  4. Sorry for late response, but the HS2340 you bought, is HP branded or something else. As you think I don't want to spend more than $20 for a WWAN card. I am looking for a non HP but Ericsson card. Thanks
  5. Hi to all, New to this forum. I have bought a used 2570p and I was trying to figure out if I can install a cheap WWAN module from ebay on this laptop, according to quoted text. Any help woulb be appreciated, since I do not have previous experience with WWAN, whitelists, locked etc ..... So, should I buy this card or it won't work at all? My BIOS is F.61 Thanks again
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