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  1. So I just need straight to x.bat usually included in Prema BIos Flash? (afudos P15E1711.PM2 /E /P /B /N /X /SHUTDOWN %1 %2 %3 %4) No need to do step2.bat in which has: fpt -f P15E1711.PM2 -me Am I correct? Of course I will rename the BIOS file to match the batch file. -Gustav PS : I am running Prema Mod V2 with FN+9 (K1) EC right now. Just to make sure.
  2. Thank you Khenglish. You & Prema really helped me a lot. But there are still some question about the BIOS going in my mind. 1. It stated x41 mutiplier (@ all cores right?). Does it include the TDP settings or should I edit my own TDP settings it in XTU right after I flash the corresponding BIOS? 2. How do you flash the bios? Is it the same as how we flash Prema's BIOS? (MEReset followed by the BIOS Flash) I just need to be careful and not to rush things because right now I'm really excited (LOL). I know there are chances i'll brick my laptop if i'm being careless about it. -Gustav
  3. Hello Prema. I'm currently using an ES 2920XM stepping 5 in my P150EM. Khenglish kindly sent me the BIOS you made with hardcoded CPU Overclock (multiplier x41 @all 4 core I think here: https://mega.co.nz/#!KJpGASxb!DrNix_UbO5TQgO11bGh6n6OHuk9vdeG4FdLz-D8m1GI ) How can I change the multiplier to x40 x37 x35 x35 ? And the Bios he sent me is something *.ROM (teuing.ROM) The BIOS you usually have is *.PM2. Is it safe to rename the extension to .PM2 or I can just flash it with *.ROM extension Thank you in advance for any kind of help. Cheers. -Gustav
  4. Hello brother Khenglish.

    I read about 2920XM ES overclocking thread which you and Prema mention about flashing specific BIOS multiplies to recognize the CPU microcode here : http://forum.techinferno.com/clevo/3388-worth-upgrade-i7-2760qm-i7-2920xm-2.html#post85200

    Do you still have the particular BIOS?

    Is it the BIOS like the one Prema Mod or more a specific something that I have to flash?

    I have the same CPU as EMC posted on the thread (2920XM ES) and have the same problem as his (Turbo stuck @3.3GHz despite CPUz report the multiplier is 8-40x)

    It would be very much appreciated if you would send it to me and the corresponding steps to flash it.

    My active email is awaskepleset@gmail.com



  5. Too bad his PM is full. I hope @Khenglish will see this thread later on. But as always thank you brother @Prema. Always love your work esp the BIOS Mod. Cheers
  6. @Khenglish @EMCI just got the same Processor Rev with EMC. (got it from eBay very cheap) I'm unable to overclock it over the stock clock. When turbo, it stays on 3,4 GHz max (but CPU-z says multiplier 8-40 like the way i set it on XTU) What specific mutiplier you flash Khenglish? I have P150EM with Prema Mod BIOS. Cheers
  7. Looking forward to it bro. cheers!
  8. congratulations bro! Glad that solved your problem. Did you have any chance to benchmark it?
  9. Looking forward to it bro! Cheers! that would be great too if Bugii can manage the time to do so.
  10. I'm sorry if i misunderstood (English is not my mother language) So to make the 7970M works, you need to set "PCI ROM Priority" option to "Legacy ROM"(instead of "EFI Compatible") ? Because I remember if NBR some people mention about UEFI BOOT thing set to available to make 7970M works (the UEFI BOOT will appear in BOOT OPTION) The "Legacy ROM" doesn't have the UEFI BOOT appear in BOOT OPTION I'm just curious which one is the right option. EDIT : ah nevermind. I understand now. Cheers!
  11. Yeah I know Meaker. But I find 7970M + new heatsink would cost a bit more than if I only upgrade to 770M (no need for new heatsink) Yes the difference is "only" around US$ 150 (50$ difference for the card and 100$ for the heatsink, exclude shipping), but this is a lot of money for me I just want to keep the budget as low as possible. Cheers. PS : That system on your signature is a beast!
  12. I use Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack for everyday commuting (I use motorcycle to campus etc) Thick soft padding for the laptop and lots of compartement. It has rain cover as well. Can fit an M18x and a PS3. Lol. Been using it for more than 18 months. But you can take a look @ Deuter backpacks. They are awesome.
  13. awesome rig Xonar Gotta love that Logitech MX518. Been with the same mouse for the last couple of years. This thing is the real deal.
  14. @Bugii Would you mind to keep us posted about you upgrading your GT780? (flashing, installing, and I hope benchmarking) Because we share same laptop type and I think GTX770M is the best possible upgrade (no need to buy heatsink or dremel etc) Thank you in advance, bro. Cheers! @Suoah Thanks man! I find many of your posts are very helpful.
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