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  1. Same situation, same laptop. Not sure if mine is the 406 though. I've got to 1300 baking in overclocks with maxell tweaker II, but on less demanding/higher frame rate games I'm running into the power limit. I can't find a way around to unlocking this limit on mine.
  2. No change in battery life for me. When I'm off the plug everything is in powersaver with airplane mode active. Still getting just shy of 4 hours in my old gateway just doing word processing (taking notes in lectures). Been using this laptop for a few years with the same results from windows 7, 8 and now 10 as fat as battery life. Upgraded to an MSI now.
  3. Another vote for CG Extreme. It's super thick, but I heat the tube in a glass of hot water before I apply. Cools better than anything factory and it's pretty easy to clean up if/when you make a mistake.
  4. Cant see it being too hard to do. I've made one for my 970m but I keep hitting power limits and the changes I make with Maxwell tweaker don't seem to make any difference. Given that there are people out there infinitely better at this than me who have been able to properly unlock a vBIOS it seems unnecessary and a bit dangerous to bake in overclocks, if you don't have to. A software overclocker on an unlocked vBIOS will be far safer if unstable/unsafe settings are entered as compared to baking them into the vBIOS.
  5. Wow these are awesome results Prema. What are you doing about the power limit? I'm working with an MSI gt72 and a 970m and I can't seem to find a way out of hitting this limit every time.
  6. Not sure. Mine still says one (in the user stats under your name in a post) and I've made a few. I get the feeling they're pretty hard on new users here. Every forum has it's own ideology when it comes to noobs.
  7. I have an msi gt72, using Maxwell bios tweaker II I've been able to get it to 1300mhz... sometimes. I keep running into the power limit and can't seem to figure out what to change in the tweaker. What are you guys doing about the power limit?
  8. Im mostly here to download a vbios to compare to the modifications I'm making in maxwell bios tweaker. Seeing as its pretty much imposible to find a vbios for an MSI GT72's 970m with the 3gb vRAM. - - - Updated - - - Also the 5 posts to download something rule is pretty annoying...
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