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  1. if i go any higher than 1241 on base clock i get black or gray screen in Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor , i can go as high as +400 on memory clock without any crash or black or gray screen , over voltage is at 25.0 mV, i have no idea if it should go higher it's kind of the max i can go for nothing more is available in the settings. is it at all possible to get better results ? like by tweaking the Vbios abit more
  2. Hello, I have just purchased this laptop and want to overclock the graphics card but haven't found any vbios made for this version of 970m mxm model which is on msi gt72-406. This is an earlier version of the laptop and does not have the 970m with 6gb VRAM. I want to overclock this card so I can maybe get it to the stock version of 980m or higher, so that I can get better fps in latest games i have not done this before and will be my first time if I need to donate to have this done I will do so also I will be able to upload the stock vbios here later today when I get back home here it is GM204.zip
  3. Hello, new member Is there any vbios for msi gt72-406 with 970m 3gb version ? I have just ordered this laptop from amazon.com and will receive it next week
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